8 Best Cheap Phone to Buy in 2021 – Buy Budget Smartphones


Hello guys today we will be looking at the 8 Best Cheap Phone  to buy in 2021. This smart mobile phones comes with latest tech features and with sleek design for users. However, we will be looking at features like the 5G, OLED screen, perfect HD cameras, exciting display and a impressive speed performance.

8 Best Cheap Phone to Buy in 2021 - Buy Budget Smartphones
8 Best Cheap Phone to Buy in 2021 – Buy Budget Smartphones

Therefore, all these mobile devices will cost below $500 in the price market today. Basically, this is just a slight review of these devices for you to know what is around at this point. So lets see some of the new mobile phones to go for right now.

Google Pixel 4A

This device is one of the best with its outstanding camera quality with a OLED screen. it come with the same primary sensor like the pixel 5 but not with the ultra wide viewing angle. This device photo shot is very clear and a joy to view. More so, coming with a 5.8 screen inch and very pocket and hand friendly device. Also, the snapdragon 730g handles all your gaming and multi tasking with ease. Users get a headphone jack and fast charging tech as well.

OnePlus Nord 2

This is a very impressive rival to the Google pixel 4a. however, this device is powered by a MediaTek chipset which is the domes T12100 Ai. Basically this chipset is very powerful to run and app you want including games as well. Having a 256gb storage capacity with 12gb RAM.

Coming with an OLED screen display and a 6.43 inch Amoled screen with a bonus of a fast 90 Hz refresh rate. Also, packing a superb audio sound quality and a 4000 mah battery with a 65 watt fast charger. Running an Oxygen android 11 iOS with updates and a 50 mega pixel camera sensor to capture breath taking pictures.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G

This budget smartphone is an alternative to the oneplus nord 2. However costing almost a $100 below the price of the oneplus note 2 mobile device. Therefore, the design comes wit a sleek shining plastic design and a mono stereo setup but with impressive sound quality on Bluetooth or headphones. Having a 256gb storage capacity with 12gb RAM but with not expandable placement option.

Having a 90 Hz Full HD Amoled screen with a 4000 mah battery for plenty of screen on time. The device come with a snapdragon 750 G chipset which handles games and apps very well. Furthermore, it boost of a 64mp primary camera with a good photo quality.

Oppo Find X3 Lite

This is another budget smartphone costing below $400 price tag with 5G support. More so, this device comes with a sleek plastic back design with a gorilla glass 5 front screen. Comes with a 6.4 screen inch display. packing a pretty messy OS but gives yo the chance to customize your display with few bonus mode as well.

Users gets the chance of an external storage and a 6.4 Amoled screen inch display with 90 Hz refresh rate too. The audio speakers are a buzzer for your audio pleasure. Furthermore, the snapdragon 765 G chipset with a 8gb of RAM, gaming mode features to boost your gaming and apps experience. Comes with a 64 mega pixel primary camera and a 65 watt fast charger.

Oppo Reno4 5G

Also, the device cost below $400 mark with impressive features. this device is as well packing all the features of the Oppo find X3 lite but missing is the camera quality. It comes with a 48 mega pixel camera and again it does not support a 90 Hz refresh rate. Although other nice features you can see on the Oppo find X3 lite is as well in this device. This is one of the Best Cheap Phone to Buy around in 2021.

Poco F3

This reigning device boost a unique performance and specs with a price tag of about $329. Furthermore, this phone uses the Xiomi MUI 12 launcher which is somehow not popular but impressive to use. The device comes with a snapdragon 870 chipset which runs mighty games and apps with a blink, also with a new cooling system. More so, their are many bonus iOS bit which make android experience fun to use. Boosting a 5G support and a WIFI 6 support connectivity too.

Having a 6.6 inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz FHD screen resolution. This device do pop out crystal clear display with impressive bight colors and a stereo speaker setup. comes with a 4500 mah battery and 33 watt fast charger. Also, the device come with a 48 mega pixel rear camera with powerful photo shots.

Xiomi 11 Lite 5G

Basically, this device is another blower with similarities to the Xiomi MI 11 but this phone boost of a 5G support. Also, you get a snapdragon 780 G chipset which blows through games and apps seamlessly. Comes with a 64 mega pixel rear camera with video and photos features. It runs a MUI 12 launcher and a 90 Hz refresh rate with power audio setup.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

This device comes in with a price tag of $540 and supports 5G. Therefore, the design is sleek and has a under screen finger print sensor with water and dust resistance. comes with a powerful one UI 3.1 iOS android system with 3 year plus security and system updates. Furthermore, the phone comes with a 6.5 inch with 120Hz refresh Super Amoled screen display is amazing. More so, shooting out the Samsung trade mark colors that pop with a FHD clear screen resolution.

Having the NFC support feature, a headphone jack port, 256gb storage capacity and expandable storage placement via micro SD card. Also, a powerful snapdragon 750G chipset and a whooping 4500 mah battery with 15 watt fast charger.  This device boost of a 64 mega pixel and 8gb RAM.

So guys this my 8 best cheap phone to buy Budget Smartphones to Buy in 2021 reviews right on Bingdroid.com. You can try check them out on GSM arena to see more details or Tech Spurt for more mobile phone reviews.


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