Create Social Media Calendar and Know What is a Content Calendar


Create a Social Media Calendar: The rising of social media has give rise to different channels for deeper conversations between businesses and customers.  Therefore, this simply mean that businesses need not to only create original content for those platforms but also create enough ROI to justify the time and capital they are investing in.

Create Social Media Calendar and Know What is a Content Calendar
Create Social Media Calendar and Know What is a Content Calendar

Furthermore, in this present age, many businesses strive to create a consistent social media marketing strategy. This result in posting blindly and rigorously, and hoping their efforts will be enough to keep their audience engaged.

Basically, the right way to avoid this is by using a strategic planned content calendar for social media as your secret line. More so, a content calendar can help track your efforts, create content ad make your audience loves, and meet your marketing goals faster.

Why is this so?

Because this can help keep your team in line, and as well let them see your up coming products , and help them abort the panic of having to start things on a rush.

What is a Content Calendar 

A content calendar is one that helps you schedule and create valuable content for your audience. How you can Create Social Media Calendar a winning content calendar for social media and as well as improving your business activities.

How to Make a Content Calendar

  • Structure It Around Your Sales Cycle

Firstly, do not start creating content just because it is fun in doing so (though it is). More so,  great content should always improve specific business ideas. Therefore, as an entrepreneur you can use an editorial calendar to plan your yearly content.

Every month you have to create a specific theme and as well design the content around it. You also can create a similar calendar that surrounds all your sales cycles and launches. More so, you can then use that calendar to plan social media posts that support these cycles.

  • Holiday-Jack (Within Reason)
Tapping into the existing around cultural events like Halloween, the winter holidays, or the summer vacation can assist you to connect with your customers.
More so, plan social media content around events that matter to your ideal clients. Furthermore, if a huge amount of your ideal audience is Star Wars fans, then creating content between the movie release day is good.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are as well important days for businesses too. However, HubSpot knows that these sales is essential to their customer base, so they started creating and sharing relevant content in time  building up to it.
I will be surprised if this is not part of a bigger promotion aimed at assisting their customers make more sales. More so, just figure out which holidays and events matter to your customers, then include them to your social media content calendar.
  • Treat Each Channel One by One

Every platform is different and has particular strengths and weaknesses. What works well on Facebook may flop on Twitter and vice versa.
When planning your content, create a platform-specific strategy. Tailor your language and images to each platform.

Allow  Flexibility While Planning

Planning your social media updates enables you stay consistently on-brand. More so, it makes tracking your audience so much easier. However, social media is all about being authentically human.  This is why you will want to allow some room for consistence.

Basically, in the UK, people know the holiday season is on the way with the release of John Lewis annual Christmas ad. More so, it is now become a bit of a national event.
  • Schedule Brainstorming
This is all about setting aside time in your schedule for reviewing and updating your product content calendar. Either, it’s 10 minutes, a day or an hour a week, make sure you have got time to plan. Also, brainstorm new content ideas, review your posts, and  Allow room for strategy and creativity.
  • Share Other Relevant Content From Reliable Sources

Do not just input your social media content calendar with your gems. Therefore, try to collect content from other reliable sources that your audience will love.

Also, in building your social media calendar, try to include links to cool articles. Also, news you do love as well as your content. This shows people you are interested in sharing content that they love and not just in it for yourself.


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