Credit Card Design – What is a Credit Card | How to Change Your Credit Card Design


What is a Credit Card?

Credit cards is just a regular thin piece of plastic which is a financial agency or bank do issue to a user for money transactions. However, the credit card design is just the print that is displaying on the plastic piece of card. More so, all financial body have their various designs to their credit or debit cards.

Credit Card Design - What is a Credit Card | How to Change Your Credit Card Design
Credit Card Design – What is a Credit Card | How to Change Your Credit Card Design


Can I design my Credit Card?

There are different means to customize credit cards. However,  some best credit card issuers do offer to their users a personalized credit cards. Therefore, users on Wells Fargo credit card, which gives customers the chance to upload their own photos and designs for some cards but not all as the case maybe.

Also, Discover credit card company also lets customers choose their card design from a number of pre-set template options. This is very unique because not all companies do grant to users this offers.

How to Change Your Credit Card Design

Most debit card and credit card users often ask how can they design their own cards. However, is just a view to say if they can customize their credit card. Yes you can do so if you wish. However, this may not be available to all financial bodies or banks so to speak or not all financial agency allows this, but it can be done. Therefore to carry out this process follow the below guide.

  • To change your card design, log into your account linking to the card.
  • Go to your profile or account profile section.
  • Select “Choose a Card Design.”
  • Then select the design you want your card to come with on the list and display colors your see.

After accessing all these process, your new card will arrive between 4-6 working business days. However, you cannot use your own photo on the custom design. Although this is not the case with some credit card companies as they can allow users to upload their photo on their card background.


Please note that this website is not a financial website linking to any financial body whatsoever. This is just a piece of information to give you an insight that card users can achieve some certain services based on this said topic. So now you know you can customize your credit card, so you can visit your card company to ask if this service is available.



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