Facebook Avatar App – How to Customize Your Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator 2021


Facebook avatar app is a new trending feature on the Facebook social network. Basically, the Facebook avatar creator 2021 consist of various image tools to customize your avatar to look just like you. in other words I am saying the cartoon figure you will create with the avatar app tools will be your look alike.

Facebook Avatar App - How to Customize Your Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator 2021
Facebook Avatar App – How to Customize Your Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator 2021

More so, Facebook avatar maker is the latest and most liked trend on Facebook as users are looking to create their Facebook avatar for free. The avatar photo is the human-looking animated images all around Facebook. i believe you must have come across some photos of such on your Facebook wall or on people’s profile photo.

Facebook Avatar 2021

Facebook Avatar 2020 is the latest update version addition to the platform this year. It makes the Facebook more fun to interact with smiley faces that looks like you. However,  you no longer need to just make use of the generic sad, happy, angry, surprised, caring faces, and the famous thumbs up often.

Particularly, with the new addition, most people are finding it hard to create your own Facebook Avatar to use on the Facebook and online. No worries because you will find all you need to create one on this article. In this post, you will get all the insight for you to make your own avatar. Also, the apps to use, and how you can access the avatar feature easily.

Facebook Avatar Creator

The Facebook avatar creator feature is a nice and active feature to access because with it you can express yourself more without words. Also, it is a fun style to have a cartoonish character of your self on Facebook in this new Facebook era.

Therefore, Facebook Avatar Creation process is very easy in as much as you know what facial and body style you want. More so, you can create your avatar to look any way you want and add other feature like hat, eye googles and scarfs etc.

Facebook avatar App

Therefore, to create your avatar photo all you need is your Facebook app and you are set to go. The Facebook avatar can be created on both the Android and iOS. Furthermore, the avatar feature is located just in your Facebook account. However, if you cannot find it then you need to update your Facebook app to see the new Facebook features and the Avatar feature as well.

How to Download Facebook Avatar App for Mobile

If you don’t have the app and want to participate in the on going avatar fun creation here is how you can download the app into your Android or iOS mobile devices.

  • First ensure you have an internet connection. if you have then turned on.
  • Visit the Google play store or the Apple app store on your device app.
  • Then search for Facebook app.
  • Furthermore, hit on the Facebook app and click on install.
  • It will then start downloading immediately.

Once you are through with the app download, install it into your device. Furthermore,  log in and locate the  Avatar feature. More so, you can as well download the Facebook app online, but it is better to use the app store in your device.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

On this section I am going to be alighting the steps and show you some tips for you to create and as well customize your Facebook avatar.

Firstly, you need to open your Facebook app on your mobile phone and click on the three horizontal line menu on your screen. More so, you can find this on your iPhone at the lower right corner. Then for android device you can you can see at the top right side.

  • Scroll down and tap the see more caption.
  • Furthermore, choose the Avatar caption below the list.
  • Simply click on the Next caption and after that Get started.
  • Choose the exact skin tone type you want. Particularly, there are about 27 or more options available for you to pick from. Then click Next.

How to Customize Your Facebook Avatar

  • Customize Your Facebook Avatar Photo
  • Select a hairstyle you like for your Avatar. Therefore, you can choose either the short, long or medium hairstyles with different variety.
  • Once you are done with your selection tap on the color icon below.
  • Next is your face view icon. This is where you will choose a face shape or pattern you like. Also, you can change your complexion and your face lines if you choose to.
  • Move to click on the eye icon to customize it. Choose an eye shape, lash size and color. Proceed to the eyebrow icon choose the color and brow shape. Tips: You can choose to use glasses too if you like.
  • The next section is to customize or design the mouth and nose pattern you like, pick a nose shape and go to the lips to customize as well. Also, you can choose to add a lip color and Facial hair too.
  • Pick a body shape and any outfit which you like best. Tips: You can add a hat, cat ears, scarfs to your outfit you are creating.
  • After you are through customizing your avatar you can then tap to check the icon in the top right corner to see your avatar. Furthermore, click on the Next caption and finally click on Done.

This is a full step by step guide for you to create Facebook avatar and as well customize your feature to look just like you. Therefore, no need for the wait why not jump on your Facebook app and start creating your avatar.


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