Facebook Dating in USA – Facebook Dating for Singles Near You | Facebook Dating Online


Facebook Dating in USA: Facebook dating online has been out for some months now and begins testing out some new stuffs. Now Facebook Dating is in United States of America. The dating feature which is readily available to users from the ages of 18+ will be a tab within the Facebook messenger app. More so, using the dating feature is very easy and fast.

Facebook Dating in USA - Facebook Dating for Singles Near You | Facebook Dating Online
Facebook Dating in USA – Facebook Dating for Singles Near You | Facebook Dating Online

Therefore, users who want to enter into the dating service will have to create a separate dating profiles. However, on this article, I will be giving you the full details which you will need to know about Facebook Dating in the USA and other countries like United Kingdom, Canada France, Australia etc.

Facebook Dating New Features In USA 

Basically, Facebook Dating app makes it easy for its users to find real partners through their likes. This feature is available to assist users startup meaningful relationships different people that have same feel such as interests, groups, ideology etc. Therefore, this is the essence of the dating feature in the United States of America for individuals there to use and find love.

Furthermore, this feature is only available for mobile Facebook app users within a location. More so, your information is rightly protected the platform do not dispose users information. However, the only info it brings to the other users is your age, gender, name, and location. This is great because it will help you find love near you.

Facebook Dating for Singles

As a citizen of America, starting from today you can now use the dating service feature on Facebook.com. Furthermore, if you are 18 years and older and you are using the latest Facebook version, you can as well use this feature. Also, you can create a Dating profile from your Facebook profile right away.

More so, once you have enter into the service, Facebook will then suggest people that matches your profile based on your interests. Also, it will use the things you interact with on the platform and preferences as well.

However, you have to understand that this is not like Tinder dating platform with the swiping motion or waiting for others to like you. Basically, on this service, if you have interest in anyone, you can like or comment on their profile directly.

Therefore, the feature can match you with the friends that you have on your dating profile or matches you with random people same on the platform. More so, this features activities are secret so you do not have to bother about other people seeing your profile except members.

Facebook Dating Features

Below are some of the features users can find on the Facebook dating for singles in United states of America and other top countries of the world.

  1. Able to connect and share Instagram and Facebook Stories on the platform which currently coming soon.
  2. Therefore, the Secret Crush enables users to match with the people they already know on Facebook and Instagram too.
  3. More so, you can now add Instagram posts to your dating profile.
  4. There are Facebook events or groups for users to find others users with the same interests.
  5. On the dating service you can sharing details or photos of your date with others.
  6. Furthermore, you can actually communicate with someone you really love and trust via Facebook Messenger and share your location with them.
  7. You can create the Dating profile easily  and it is simple and fast to set up. However, with just a tap, you can set up a profile and start dating.

Note: All messages sent within the dating feature stays in a separate inbox from Facebook Messenger app. The dating platform is strictly for chatting only for now. In other words, sending of data, links or payments methods are not available.


With this new Facebook feature, you can find a love partner very easily. This does not even require you to subscribe to the platform. So, I will urge you to try it out to and yo will surely be thankful you did.


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