Facebook Instagram Cross-App Messaging – Introducing New Cross-App Messaging Feature


Good news for all Facebook and Instagram users all over the world as Facebook roll out a new feature, Facebook Instagram cross-app messaging. One will be wondering that, how does this feature benefit users and how to access this feature. Also, some will want to know what is the feature used for while using Instagram or Facebook.

Facebook Instagram Cross-App Messaging - Introducing New Cross-App Messaging Feature
Facebook Instagram Cross-App Messaging – Introducing New Cross-App Messaging Feature

Facebook Instagram cross-app messaging is one that helps users to send messages to other users direct from Instagram to Facebook. Therefore, this is to say you do not need to login your Facebook account to send out a message right from your Instagram to a Facebook friend.

This is to say if you are on Facebook and you want to send a message straight to an Instagram users on the Instagram platform you can do so right on your Facebook account. More so, the process is very simple and you do not need switching accounts to achieve this.

Features of The Cross-App Messaging

  • Users with Instagram accounts can search for you on Facebook seamlessly.
  • You can as well send message requests from Instagram to Facebook directly and vice versa.
  • More so, you can as well choose who you want to hear from in message delivery settings.
  • You can also, select who to view and see your profile on the cross-app.

Uses of Facebook Instagram Cross-App Messaging

Basically, here on this section I will be telling you about some cool uses of this feature and like them out in no particular order.

  • Users can share photos via the cross app feature with ease.
  • Message other users across apps without login into the other app.
  • You can now search for a user on any app (Facebook or Instagram) send a message across.
  • Also, you can share videos as well.
  • Chat directly with anyone you want across apps.
  • More so, you can as well re-share posts with people across Instagram and Facebook.

Wow this is really a wonderful invention from the software development team on Facebook and Instagram to take social engagement to another level.

How to Use Facebook Instagram Cross App Messaging

To access or use the messaging cross app on your Facebook account is very simple and you can just access the setup process on your Facebook account. Since the feature is new to users, Facebook made it easier to setup the feature by sending out a messaging to every Facebook user account.

Therefore, in this way, if you open your Facebook account you will see a message prompting you to accept the cross messaging app. Therefore, just click on done and you can start using the feature. Furthermore to simply use the feature.

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Click on any of your friends profile to send a message.
  3. Then on the right hand side of the message panel you will see an icon like a pen-on-paper shape.
  4. click on the icon and another message panel will appear for you to write out a message.
  5. Therefore, on that message panel you can search on any one on Instagram if you are on Facebook and send them a message or even friend request. More so, this applies as well if you are on Instagram too.

So guys this is just a simple guide and insight to make you understand more about the Facebook new update. Note, your messaging privacy is still very much safe and confidential so you do not have to worry about anything while using the feature.




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