Facebook Marketplace – Free Facebook Marketplace Near Me | Buy and Sell Items Locally or Shipped


The Facebook marketplace is a platform on Facebook that gives Facebook business users the access to buy and sell items locally or shipped their product and services on Facebook. For instance, you can actually get what you in your local community without any stress.

Facebook Marketplace - Free Facebook Marketplace Near Me | Buy and Sell Items Locally or Shipped
Facebook Marketplace – Free Facebook Marketplace Near Me | Buy and Sell Items Locally or Shipped

Today, the world is now in the stage where almost all business activities are on the internet. However, social media platforms have been a major driving force to enable people to showcase their business and ideas.

Free Facebook Marketplace Near Me

Basically, the Free Facebook marketplace enables its users to create a nice and big audience in regards to their business. Most times people don’t understand the power and benefit of putting their business and ideas on the internet.

Therefore these individuals keep missing out from the big picture of a successful business height. Furthermore, Facebook marketplace is a business platform that holds a lot for every business oriented person.

Find Facebook Marketplace on Desktop and Mobile

Specifically to locate the Facebook marketplace feature on your Facebook account open you account firstly.

  • Locate the Facebook icon that is in form of a store. Therefore, you can find this icon in different locations on your Facebook account.
  • If you are using a desktop computer you can find it on the left hand corner of your Facebook page.
  • Then for mobile users you can locate it  at the top icon section of your page. This is same place you can find other captions like notification, Friends request and even games.
  • Also, for iOS users can simply locate it at the bottom of your Facebook page. However, you do not need to start searching for the feature just gaze at the bottom part on your screen.

Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

There are various benefits a user will gain while using the marketplace platform. Furthermore, this benefits is as regards to your business on the platform.

  1. Easy mobile version usability
  2. Aid you to reach out to billions of customers worldwide
  3. Facebook does not take any cut for sales or transactions
  4. Have an easy mode of posting products
  5. Shows you products automatically in your locality
  6. Builds a trustworthy community
  7. Gives you browsing in respect to previous activities
  8. It provides a community with a browse and buys feature
  9. Enables photos of items for easy visibility to customers
  10. Allows buyers to connect and message seller speedily
  11. Makes provision for job offer recruitment
  12. Help to build a community that buyers and sellers

Facebook Business Advantage

Facebook is a social media platform with a lot user, basically billions of users worldwide. However, this is a very big advantage to any user. For instance, you have the chance of connecting with a vast number of people worldwide to share business ideas. Furthermore, many people have used this platform to

  • Find friends
  • Increase their personality
  • Advertise their business and ideas
  • Pass information across to others rapidly
  • Achieve great news content
  • Connect with people of same minds

Buy and Sell Locally or Shipped

There are some features that are in the Facebook marketplace platform. This feature helps the users to organize, monitor and promote his or her business.

  1. Buying: This feature you can search through different categories to find whatever you want to purchase. Furthermore, you can still interact with the seller about the product you want to purchase. The buyer can negotiate the price of the product. Also, pick up locations too, which should be a public center as the case may be.
  2. Seller: You can take photos of what you want to sell and upload it for buyers to see. This will help you to connect with people that have the interest in your product and services. As a seller, you can post a certificate about the product you are selling to give buyers more trust in the product. More so, the seller can still view same like product around their locality to compare with his or her product. So after any sells you can mark your item as sold to prevent any additional offers.
  3. Trust and Safety: Here you can click on the buyer or the seller’s profile to find out more about the person. Also, you can find out his or her business activities and ratings they have achieved from previous transactions. The buyer can read through the seller description of his or her products and have the chance to report any case of suspicious activities as well.

 Facebook Marketplace

  1. News: With this feature, you can get the latest news and event, update about Facebook marketplace. This is actually a very nice feature as it keeps you on the know about any new happenings.
  2. Become a Partner: You can decide to become a partner on the Facebook marketplace platform. However, this will help your customers to reach more people with features like
  • The free real-time massaging
  • Unlimited listing to target buyers
  • Reach more buyers who are shopping already
  • Give useful tips and info on to help buyers decide on a product purchase

Note: In terms of any sales transactions the buyer should ensure to meet the seller in a public location. Therefore it should be places like shopping malls, eatery, and police stations and so on.


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