Facebook Offers – How to Create Facebook Offers | Facebook Business


Facebook offers are discounts a Facebook business page admin can share with his or her customers. However, is a great way for business owners to promote their business and sales on their online store and shops. More so, this feature allows business owner on the platform post offers as well as discounts on their Facebook business page.

Facebook Offers - How to Create Facebook Offers | Facebook Business

Furthermore, many business owners seek for different ways to improve their customers and sales capacity. However, Facebook offers can assist you in keeping your current customers and as well as attracting new ones. You can actually learn more on how Facebook offers works Facebook business page can achieve. Particularly, this is when they are using Facebook offers ads feature on their page. However, they stand a better chance to promote their business online.

Basically on this article will are going to be looking at how to access the Facebook offers feature. Also, what Facebook users, who have a Facebook business page, can benefit using this feature. Firstly let us look at some types of Facebook offers.

Types of Facebook Offers – Facebook Advertising

There are various types of offer ads a page admin can share to his or her customers. However, it depends on the one that is suitable for the user to use. This is a great way to actually advertise your business.

  • ONLINE ONLY: This is the kind of offer that can be redeemed online alone. Therefore this is only possible through the company sales webpage or online platform.
  • STORE ONLY: A customer needs to redeem this kind of offer physically at the store. Therefore will have to show the offer as a printout slip, or they can display it on their smartphone device.
  • STORE & ONLINE: This is just like a combination of both the store and online. Therefore this implies that the user can redeem his or her offer both in-store and online.

How to Create a Facebook Offers Ads

To create a Facebook offers the user will need to follow some steps to achieve this process. However, this is not a tedious process to achieve if you follow the process accurately.

  1.  Firstly, the user needs to pick Traffic, Store Traffic or Conversation for the offer Ads.
  2. Click on the Offer section seen on your screen and switch on the toggle icon button.
  3. Then pick the actual page you wish to create the offer ads for, and hit the Create Offer.
  4. Include your offer details. Basically, where it will be redeemed and also set up a secured code for your offer.
  5. Pick your audience, budget, placements, and schedule for your Facebook offer ad.
  6. Choose a pattern, image, and video for your offer. Furthermore, input a text to make people know what you are promoting.
  7. After every process is complete, you can then hit the Place Order caption.

Note: After approving your offer Ads, the audience you are targeting will then see the offer Ads displaying on their Facebook wall.

Simple Process on How to Claim a Facebook Offers – Facebook Ads

To claim an offer on a Facebook Ads page is very simple. Therefore users just need to follow these easy steps to achieve it.

  1. Click on the offer you prefer on Facebook.
  2. Then check if there is a promo code attached to the offer. If there is one, copy it out to print. Better still; visit the website to get more info on how to access an online checkout.


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