Facebook Poll – How to Create a Facebook Poll on Mobile and Desktop | Create Poll on Facebook Groups & Page


Before Facebook came into the social media world in 2014, straw polls were widely used throughout history [mainly by politicians]. Particularly, to measure popular opinions and help predict the election results. While straw polls found their application mainly in politics, their modern counterparts, Facebook poll, have found their application in almost every sphere of life on the internet-business and marketing is among the forerunners.

Facebook Poll - How to Create a Facebook Poll

Therefore, Facebook polls are a great way to gather opinions from your social following before making an important business decision or move. However, the obtained results will enable you to make a decision or proceed with the one you have already made with the utmost confidence.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Therefore, you can create a Facebook poll to ask a question, customize the answers and let people vote for their favorite option. You can create a new poll from your Newsfeed or timeline, in a group, or as the admin or editor of a page.

However, keep in mind that if you create a poll from your News Feed or timeline or from a page, you can only choose two options for your poll, if you create a poll in a group, you can add several options to your poll.

Steps to Post a Poll to your Facebook Profile

  1. Click… at the top of your News Feed or timeline.
  2. Scroll down and select a poll.
  3. Next, to your profile picture, enter the question you want to ask people.
  4. In the boxes with Option 1 and Option 2, enter the option for your poll.
  5. Furthermore, select a picture or GIF.
  6. Click 1 week to choose when you want your poll to end.
  7. Click Post.

You can choose to publish your poll in two places- your Story or your News Feed.

Create a Facebook Poll Within a Facebook Group

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.
  2. Click Write Something and select Poll.
  3. Enter a question and then click add option… to enter options for group members to select.
  4. Click Post.

Particularly, when creating a group poll, it`s important to keep in mind that only group members can vote.

Note: Therefore, Facebook polls aren’t anonymous. So, if someone pulls a vote in a poll, you [and anyone else voting] will be able to see their answer.

Creating a Poll on Facebook Using Google Form

Furthermore, another way of using polls on Facebook is to create them using an external app and then simply share them on Facebook. One of the simplest ways to do is by using Google Forms. Also, it works similarly to fakebook’s polls for pages application.

How to Make a Poll on Facebook Using LeadQuizzes

Therefore, if you are looking for an easy and beautiful-designed way to poll your audience, LeadQuizzes is the right choice for you. Also, with LeadQuizzes, in a matter of minutes, you can create a poll that contains these four key elements:

  1. A Start Screen-that let your audience know what the poll is about
  2. A Text Question- that lets you ask your audience questions
  3. A Form Field- that collects their information
  4. A Results– or a thank you page

What Can You Use Facebook Poll For?

  • Create expectations regarding your new products, services, or features.
  • Include your audience in decision making-sometimes they will have ideas that will help you improve your business strategy or decide on your next steps.
  • Engage your audience and build brand awareness.

Benefits of Facebook Poll

  1. Increase engagement and create more interactions with your Facebook fans.
  2. Improve the reach and visibility of your publications.
  3. Also, find out the opinion of your respondents on your brand.
  4. Obtain useful feedback on your brand [what your followers like, what they would change, etc.]
  5. Also, it strengthens the relationship with your users.
  6. Grab attention and build exposures [by sharing the results after the poll is over].
  7. Analyze the result to see what you are doing well and what you are not.


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