Facebook Status – Best Facebook Status Quote | Facebook Status Update


A Facebook status is an update feature which allows users to discuss their thoughts, whereabouts, or important information with their friends. Similar to a tweet on the social networking site twitter, a status is usually and generally giving information without going into too much detail.

Facebook Status - Best Facebook Status Quote | Facebook Status Update

However, when a best and perfect Facebook Status Quote is updated, it posts on the user`s personal wall, as well as in the news feed of their friends. Status can be updated from a web browser, mobile sites, or through text message.

The Many Types of Facebook Status Updates

Facebook is probably the most popular social networking site on the internet right now. Just about every one who uses the internet is currently on Facebook. Some of us even have more than one profile on Facebook. So why is it so popular? I believe it has something to do with the updates. Therefore, there’s a certain art to the status update. However, everyone has their own style and most people use a variety of status update.

  1. The Melodramatic Update

Aside from being called the melodramatic update, these updates are also known as the Drama Queen update or the Dramatic Update. Particularly, this is a person crying out for attention. These are the same people that always have some kind of real-life drama going on in their lives. What the person really wants is a response from someone.

Basically you know what you should do? Ignore them. If your friend was really that depressed, he or she would not be putting trivial updates like this on Facebook. This is not serious. Its someone trying to suck you into their drama. Don’t do it.

  • The Passive Aggressive Update

Therefore, these status updates are very similar to the melodramatic Update, but this is greed towards just one person. The person who posted this video doesn’t have the nerve to actually approach the person that annoy he/her. instead, she will use this as a way to vent for her frustrations and play the part of the part of the victim.

More Status Updates

  • The Mundane Update

Example: “I just went to the grocery store to buy cheese”.

Wow. Really? Please, at least tell me you got it on sale or something. What a boring update. However, if this is the best you can do, you might want to stay away from updating anyone until you have something else to say.

  • The I Hate Work Update

Example: Daniel said I am playing my music too loud in my cubicle. I HATE him!

This is a popular status update. I will admit I am really about posting this type of update. sometimes when at work, the computer is your only outlet for frustration. Also, you have to be careful about this type update though. You’d better have a private profile for this one.

  • The My Life is So Exciting Update

Example: “just got back from my week-long Caribbean cruise. I almost don’t have enough time to pack for my business trip in Florida in 3 days”.

Therefore, these kind of updates will want to make you punch a hole through the monitor. I am sure whoever posts updates like this does not realize how annoying they sound. Perhaps they have been to so many wonderful places and their lives are full of so much excitement that they do not even remember what to feels like to just sit at home and reads stuffs like that on the computer.

  • The Inside Joke Update

Example: “bananas! That is all I have to say”.

Usually, after a status update like this, at least a few other people respond with equally confusing comments about bananas. Particularly, most of their responses include short sentences or just a word or two.

  • The Repost update

Example: “if you hate cancer, repost this on yourstatus updates

Well, that is awfully bossy. I have a different status update I want to use today. So, what happens if I do not re-post this? Do I seem like an I insensitive cancer loving person? I assure you, everybody hates cancer, but you should have the freedom of expressing yourself on Facebook however you please and not been compelled to re-post a post.

  • The General Updates

Yes, sometimes people just have a normal status update they want to share. These updates include a normal activity and perhaps a “shout out” to friends to see if they would like to engage in a normal activity with you. However, sometimes we all get little bored and decide to post a general update. there is nothing wrong with that. Typically, it does not cause any fights, any jealous fits, and it annoys no one.

Therefore, there is much talks and insight on Facebook updates and its types. Hopefully, you log on to Facebook soon and explore more of these status. Having the types of Facebook updates in mind now, please do well to update your Facebook status in a way that don’t get any one worked up. Although, it’s a free world though. Also, do your status your way! And have fun.


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