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A Facebook Status update is generally designed to be short and provides some vital information without going into too much detail of a user’s Facebook post. Basically, status updates have secured a place in popular culture as a new pattern of literary expression. Also, many websites have merged together to publicize funny or clever updates.

Facebook Status Update - Facebook Photos and Videos Update | Facebook Post
Facebook Status Update – Facebook Photos and Videos Update | Facebook Post

Therefore, you can share status updates among all friends, groups or to individuals. Many users also “tag” other friends in photos and messages so that Facebook will alert them that they have been mentioned. Besides, a user’s friends can comment, like and sometimes share their friends’ status updates. Furthermore, users can adjust their Facebook account privacy settings to determine who can see their updates.

More so, on almost every web page a user sees while using Facebook, a blank box appears. The box has the message “What’s on your mind?”  in it, but this message changes from time to time so the user might see something different.

However, if users place their cursor inside the box and click, the box expands and some additional options appear around the box. Tap on a mobile device does the same thing.

Only after users click on the post button is their update posted on their Timeline and shared on Facebook with their connections.

Facebook Status Update Photos and Video

Particularly, most of the photos you see on Facebook, users use the Status Update box and the Photo/Video button on the box to share them. However, a user can start a post with a photo, and then add text later. Users can even add more than one photo at a time.

Also, both the desktop and mobile app support photos. Since many users of smartphones use the built-in camera, the Facebook mobile app makes it easy to upload a photo from the user’s smartphone. Also, they can upload from their photo album and even take one with the user’s camera from within the Facebook app.

More so, to do this with the user’s Facebook app

  • Just tap the photo button and then you see the option for selecting a photo and the camera icon to take a photo.
  • Therefore, adding a video in a post works the same way. However, when a user uploads his photo or video, the user can add any text to the update before posting.

Links – Facebook Status Update

Particularly, the Web pages all have addresses, called links. Here, links are the term used to describe the text.  Therefore, this is when you are linking to a web page on the internet.

Furthermore, the user can enter a link in any Status Update. More so, Facebook will go to the web site you link to and see if it can pull a photo from the site which can be used as a thumbnail in your update.

However, this is doesn’t always happen and it depends on the way Facebook scans the web page in the link.  Therefore, if you want to be sure that your photo appears in a status update, the best thing to do is to add it as a photo.

Facebook Post Privacy Settings

Precisely near the post button is the privacy button. Therefore, the privacy setting last used by the user for posting an update is the one that appears. More so, to change the settings of users that can view the update,

  • Click on the privacy button
  • Then make your selection of either making the post private or public.

Particularly, only the people the user choose will be able to view and comment on the update.

Places and Location

The status update on Facebook gives the user the option to include the user’s location for the post. Sometimes the user’s location will be visible next to a man pin by the status update box.

However, if the user wants to indicate his/her location at a page, the user can click on the place button.

Basically, most web browsers and web sites have the means to identify the user’s location based on the network the user is using. More so, mobile devices are even more accurate with cellular towers and GPS chips built-in.


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