Freedom Mobile Plans – Data Plans, Compare Cellular, Reviews and Coverage


Wind mobile, which is its formal name but now Freedom mobile is Canada’s fourth-largest network carrier. Therefore, it is owned by Shaw Communications. Furthermore, the company has been very productive. Also, it has gone to great lengths to provide remarkable services to its customers since its establishment in 2008. Freedom mobile is very popular not just because of its low price, but there are also no hidden fee or overage charges to their plans.

Freedom Mobile Plans - Data Plans, Compare Cellular, Reviews and Coverage

However, Freedom mobile is also famous for selling most of the popular phones in the market. Therefore, allowing their customers to make payments in installments. Also, customers are having access to bring their own phones if they meet the required procedure. Therefore, Freedom mobile plans offer services in the areas of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Particularly, Freedom mobile prides itself as one of the networks that offer Wi-Fi calling. Also, exclusive phone service underground with Toronto and Vancouver transit systems to make provision for limited coverage. Furthermore, Freedom mobile offers three different plans with their own unique benefits for their customers and we shall be discussing each of them in this article.

Freedom Mobile Data Plans – Wind mobile

  1. Data + Talk plans

Therefore, Freedom mobile plans provide customers with the data they need with no data plans overage fees. Also, compare cellular plus unlimited talks both home and away Canada networks. Some of the data + talk plans include:

  • Big Gig + talk  7GB ($50/month)

Particularly, users get 5GB + 2GB bonus with no data overage fee. Also, they can make unlimited calls through Canada and send text messages globally.

  • Big Gig + talk 12GB ($60/month)

In this plan, users get a whopping 10 GB + 2GB bonus with no overage fee. Also, users get unlimited calls through Canada unlimited text picture and video messages globally. Other plans under this category include Big Gig + talk 15 Gig and 20 Gig.

  • Data plans

Therefore, in this category, users can snap, surf, post and upload without having to worry about data overage fees. Some of the plans under this category include:

  • 1 GB for $25/month
  • 10 GB for $50/month
  • 17 GB for $70/month
  • 22GB for $90/month

The Data only category also allows for unlimited global texts, but calls through Canada have a charging rate of $0.05/minute.

  • Home plan

More so, the home plan is meant for people staying close to home.  Therefore, they get to enjoy the basics with no data overage. Here’s a list of the plans available under this category:

  • 250mb for $15/month
  • 500mb for $25/month
  • 4GB for $40/month
  • 9.5GB for $43/month.

Therefore the home plan category allows for unlimited Canada-wide calls and global text messages. Freedom mobile Plans is an obvious choice for people who want to save money on their phone plan. Also, you are likely to save big if you’re particularly after a lot of data.


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