Google Chrome – Download Google Chrome Latest Version | Google Search Engine


Google Chrome can be referred to as a search engine application. Which billions of individuals use every single day to search the internet. Users can access other social media and applications through this search engine.

Google Chrome - Download & Install Google Chrome App Latest Version

These other applications are,, YouTube, web store, and so much more. It also has a back-link at the top of the toolbox. At the top of that toolbox, the user will see a three-dot sign which contains: New Tab, New window, new incognito window, History, Downloads, Bookmark etc.

How to Use Google Chrome – Google Search Engine

Using the search engine is very easy and does not require much stress. The user just needs to open the app on their mobile or PC. Mind you, the user most has a working internet connection on the device they are using.

  • The user should tap on the app.
  • Move your arrow cursor to the long search bar and click on the bar.
  • Next, the user should then type in any word they wish to search on the space bar.
  • After typing in the search word click on the Arrow like icon at the end of the search bar.

After following these processes the result of the search word will pop up. Then the user just needs to choose from any results and alight it. When the user clicks on any result, more information pops up for the user.

Google Chrome User Guide

If a user wants to open a new chrome page, just scroll up you will see where it is written ‘’ NEW TAB’’ click on it. Then you will see a new page popping out and you can start a whole new search on it to search. But if you want to go to the previous page at the top of the page, the user will see the topics that they have opened before. Then click on it, it will return back the user to the previous page.

Google chrome is one of the most popular universal apps. Google search engine which is being used for ages is a worldwide app. Even the usage of Google chrome is not limited to age because it is very easy to use. China is the only country that does not use the Google site and applications due to several issues in their country. It’s also known as a global search engine use to create an interactive outline of your documents.

Users can use the Google map to track the location of different places. Also, know about various things through the search engine called Google Chrome. A user can learn anything with this application. A user can also relate Gmail to Google chrome because you can use Google Chrome to open your Gmail account. You can also share via through the applications like Google plus, flip board, hangouts and AT&T Mail.

Google Chrome Homepage

If a user wants to go back to the home page, scroll to the top of the page. The user will see an icon in form of a house, click on it then it will take the user back to the first page. Also to reload a page, the user should scroll up close to the beginning of the search bar. The user will see a half like circle icon, hit on it the page will automatically reload.

Google Chrome - Download Google Chrome Latest Version | Google Search Engine
Google Chrome – Download Google Chrome Latest Version | Google Search Engine

How to Cancel Previous Google Chrome Page on PC

If you want to cancel the previous page, look at the tabs you have opened at the top. Then use your cursor to scroll up, go to the particular app you want to close. Kindly shift your cursor at the top of the edge of that tab, you will see an ‘’X’’ click on it. Then it will close the particular previous page.

How to Download the Google Chrome App on mobile Phone – Google Chrome Update

A user can easily get and download the app from the Google play store. The user just needs to follow these simple steps to download the chrome app.

  1. Tap the Google play store app on your mobile device.
  2. Then type in the Google chrome on the search bar and click on the search key.
  3. The chrome app pops up, click on the chrome icon and hit the download button.
  4. After downloading the chrome, install it on your mobile phone.

So after the user has formally done with all these processes then they are fully set to lunch into the chrome app on their device. Furthermore, the app comes with the full Google Chrome updated version.

Download Google Chrome for PC – Latest Chrome Version

Downloading the chrome app on PC is a quite easy process for a person who has the idea of a computer system. But for one who doesn’t know how to use a PC will be a little bit complex. But to access the download process the user just need to follow this few processes.

  1. Turn on your computer system and open any browser on PC system.
  2. Then type in Google chrome on the search bar of the browser and click the enter key.
  3. The result will pop out and the user should just hit the download button.
  4. After downloading the app into the users PC, the user can then access the file on his or her PC.

Mind you, after downloading the app, the user can find the app on their “download file ‘’or program file. So from there, the user can install the app into their system properly for use. Also the file chrome browser the user downloads will come with the latest chrome version.


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