Google Duo – Free High Quality Video Calling App | Download Duo for PC


Google Duo is a Free high quality video calling app and voice, audio calling app that is just best for you, friends and as well your family too. This amazing service is a video and voice chat mobile app which Google runs and also develop by them as well. Basically, the service is available on Android and iOS devices.

Google Duo - Free High Quality Video Calling App |   Download Duo for PC
Google Duo – Free High Quality Video Calling App | Download Duo for PC

Duo Web

Google release the Duo web service in the year 2016 and since then it has not stop in gaining the attention of online users. The Google Duo web is just the best location to get good and high-quality video calls.

Furthermore, It also gives its users the chance to engage in audio calls as well. Therefore, the high-quality video and audio calling app is absolutely free and simple to use. Also, the service is reliable, and works fine on your android smartphone, tablet, iPhone and on the web.

More so, the service gives you the chance to make calls in a high definition standard. Also, an encryption is enabled for your safety and security while on and off the service. Therefore this amazing app uses the phone number of its users, so as to allows its users to call people from their contact list. However, the recipient most as well be using the duo app in other to receive this call.

Google Duo Review

Particularly on this section, we will be stating some facts of Google Duo. More so, all reviews are form the parent platform, so you can as well visit for more review. We have carry out a research and have found out the reasons of creating this app by Google.

Google create the Duo app, which is used for video and voice calls. Furthermore, it works on computers, Android and iOS phones, unlike some video apps that work just for mobile device alone. Even there is a speculation that the app works on the iOS device too duo app for iPhone which is true.

Furthermore, the app provides a whole lot of amazing features on conference video calling. More so, it does dominates most apps in its video calling feature. On other video app, you cannot really get other features and new services apart from just audio and video calling. However, it is not so with the duo app, it is fast, simple, reliable, and safe to  use.

Duo App Android Free Download

This video calling app is available for use right on your Android, iOS phones, and computer devices. Therefore, you most have to download it to your device to start using it. In other to do so follow the below process to download it.

First step,  get into your device, and make sure that your active Google account is perfectly sign-in to the device.

  • Right on your smartphone, to go your Google play app. Likewise if you are using an iOS device.
  • In the search bar, type in the search term  “Google Duo” and click on search.
  • Then click on and choose the first app on the search results.
  • Proceed further and click on Install, Get, or Download button on the page, which ever you may see.
After clicking on download, your download will then begin downloading form the app store into your phone. When you are through downloading, open the app. Then allow the app to access your camera and media file storage, and follow the instructions to help set up the app on your smartphone.

Download Duo for PC

To download the duo app for your computer or laptop system just first download Google chrome to your PC.

  • Furthermore, click on the search bar and type in duo extension.
  • Right on the google chrome extension page repeat the same process on the search bar again to fully locate the Duo app.
  • After locating the app click on it to save to your chrome app list.

Therefore, right on your Google chrome you can access and make use of the duo app for video calls and online audio calls as well.


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