Bulb and Renewable Electricity Green Energy Power Suppliers


Bulb is UK’s biggest green energy power supplier presently. Thereby providing all its members with 100% renewable electricity. Furthermore, for every unit a user use, they ensure the reproduction of it and replace it on the grid by a renewable source format. This includes the use of solar, wind and hydro power system. Also, the company, gas is 100% carbon neutral and clean for usage. However, they are investing on technology to reduce costs for users.

Bulb and Renewable Electricity Green Energy Power Suppliers
Bulb and Renewable Electricity Green Energy Power Suppliers

The Bulb Energy company supplies a 100% green energy by purchasing a renewable electricity. Therefore, the company competes on various prices, while offering a single variable tariff. Furthermore, it brings out 100% renewable electricity and a zero dent of carbon neutral gas. Whereby, attracting venture capital, the Bulb. This is not the only greenest energy supplier in the UK. Basically, the highest is the  Green Energy UK. Bulb is cheaper than Green hydrogen.

About Bulb

The Bulb company has more than 1.6 million electricity supply customers presently. This data is with just 29 energy generators. However, this status seems to look a little beat odd. Therefore, the majority of these 29 energy generators are small. Therefore, the small scale generators have to be in use. However 20-odd of them cannot really power 1.6 million homes this is just mere analysis.  

More so, this reveal in a Good Energy’s recent journal report with Scottish Power which come clean on green. This uses data from consistence Baringa to investigate the matter of greenwashing which is in the energy retail industry. Bulb bought power from renewable generators for energy. Also, the rest is REGO backing the wholesale system buying of green electricity like other renewable energy companies. 

Bulb Energy Review

Talking about Bulb’s Renewable Energy. Precisely, bulb do not produce its own energy, rather it source majority of its energy from hydropower & anaerobic digestion from plants around the United Kingdom. Basically, energy bulb is one of a series of energy market challengers. However, this is attracting customers with their “renewable” energy system, slick branding and as well digital power.

More so, Bulb is one of a series of energy market contenders which have connecting customers with their “renewable” energy. It is however, launch only in August 2015. Therefore, it now serves about millions of houses. Also, it recently the fastest-growing company in Europe presently. However, promoting the renewable supplier with Good Energy says Bulb’s green.

Particularly, these companies purchase their electricity on the wholesale market. Which much of it sources is from fossil fuels, then matching same power with REGOs, purchased separately. Basically, REGOs cost just £1.50 per domestic customer per year. Therefore, the Good Energy says, and gives effectively value to renewable generators power system.

How Greenwashing Works

On this one lets say or see how greenwashing energy tariffs works.

  • Energy suppliers do buy electricity right from the wholesale market. Then it mix with whatever is on the grid including fossil fuels.
  • Then the greenwash is cheap and renewable ‘REGO’ certificates, with its sourcing separately.
  • Therefore, the REGOs cost about £1.50 per year and per domestic customer. Therefore, it gives effectively no value to renewable generators.  
  • However, they believe that genuine green electricity means getting direct contracts with renewable generators system.  More so, paying them a fair price for the power system, and implementing a market to boost more renewables. 

Basically, bulb is happy to promote the renewable generators they are working hand in hand with. Furthermore, on its website homepage it is very clear that users gets electricity services and company as well. 


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