How to Automatically Delete WhatsApp Messages – WhatsApp Archived Chats


How to Automatically Delete WhatsApp Messages : Although, one may say most of my WhatsApp Archived Chats conversations are with friends and family members. However, we also use it to contact people we do not know for business etc. Therefore, in such a case we will not need such messages in your chat line for a long time.

How to Automatically Delete WhatsApp Messages - WhatsApp Archived Chats
How to Automatically Delete WhatsApp Messages – WhatsApp Archived Chats

It may interest you to know that WhatsApp offers a feature to automatically delete such messages. More so, when you enable this for a specific WhatsApp group or private conversation, it will delete this messages permanently from your phone. Also, after a week period it will as well delete the messages from the recipient phone too.

How to Automatically Delete WhatsApp Messages

Firstly, to achieve this service make sure you have the WhatsApp latest version on your mobile phone. Therefore, you can download or update your WhatsApp from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Also, from the App Store for iPhone users. After the update process or downloading the latest version, use the below steps to set it up.

  • Open your WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android phone,  enter the group or private chat you want to set for self-destruct on chats.
  • Furthermore, visit the WhatsApp chat tab.
  • Therefore, hit on the name of the account or group at the top of the chat section. Then visit the user profile page.
  • Click to open the WhatsApp contact user profile.
  • Furthermore, select “Disappearing Messages.” on the list
  • Then toggle the On option which will slide to activate. This will then enable missing messages for this chat.
  • Lastly, click to enable messages to disappear in WhatsApp chats.

Disappear WhatsApp Chat

Therefore, this process will delete any chat or media file you have sent to the user after a week period and vise versa. However, you cannot change the time duration at the moment, but may this will be possible in future WhatsApp update.

Furthermore, messages you have sent out prior to this option, will not be affected. More so, users can switch off this function by using the same process you use in setting it up. Therefore, if this mode is activated, the recipient will then see a tiny clock on their chat timeline with you. This implies that the chat timeline has a time duration to disappear.

WhatsApp Archived Chats

However, you should bear in mind, that this does not have access to chat participants from getting messages they have backup some where else. More so, users have the access to backup the chat somewhere but not on WhatsApp if they choose to.

Basically, the WhatsApp Self-Destruction feature or mode is fully limited to regular clearing  of unwanted WhatsApp chats, and not private and sensitive messages.

More so, if you want confidential conversations that you want to wipe off your phone straight away, you can use Signal a centralized encryption messaging service.


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