How to Use Facebook Insights – Facebook Targeting Options | Facebook Audience Insights


To know how to Use Facebook Insights, firstly, you need to do is to click on the gear wheel. Therefore, you can find this on your Facebook Fan Page and select ‘View Insights’.

How to Use Facebook Insights- Use Facebook Audience Insight | Facebook Analytics
How to Use Facebook Insights- Use Facebook Audience Insight | Facebook Analytics

In the Insight dashboard, you will see the total number of likes (and whether this is increasing or decreasing). Also, the numbers of available friends you have.

Furthermore, it still shows how many people are actively talking about your page as well as your total weekly reach. Below are some of the features users will see and use on the Facebook Insight dashboard.

How to Use Facebook Insights 

Below the graph, you will see your latest post and learn about their variety. This is very helpful if you would like to see which posts were the most successful.

Post can be sorted by the following type:

This is very useful if you want to know the success of a certain post. Also, instead of sifting through all the posts, you can simply sort by videos.

Therefore, you will now be able to see the date the post was made, the title of the post, its reach. Also, how many users have engaged with that particular post. More so, you will know how many have shared that particular content. As well as its variety  in a percentage form.

Furthermore, knowing the vitality of the post gives users the knowledge to create more content that your fans will like. Basically, this will then increase the user’s branding, reach and hopefully traffic.

Facebook Targeting Options

These are the options that are available to users using the Facebook insights page to boost their audience. More so, these audience will help you understand what to do in setting up your ad set.

  • Connections. Include or exclude people from your audience based on connections to your Pages, apps or events. Learn more.
  • Location: Therefore, you can target Facebook users with your ads within a certain location. More so, if you want to target a location so as to get more audience form there you can achieve that by setting your location range.
  • Gender: You can as well set the gender yo want to view your Facebook ads. Particularly, you can choose between men, women or all genders.
  • Age: Also, you can target people within a particular age range for a better performance.
  • Custom Audience: This are audience that you know already and you want to position your ads for them to see it.
  • Language: This is a good one as you can choose to target your ads to a certain people that speaks and understand one language.
  • Detailed Targeting: With this option available at your usage, you can exclude any one from your audience as well as include anyone as well.
  • Connections: This like the above one whereby you can include and as well exclude certain persons from your audience. More so, this is on the basis of connections leading to your page, events or even app.

Facebook Audience Insights

So many business and entrepreneur people do not know about the Facebook Audience insight. More so, this feature is to help them understand people that are really engaging with their business. Therefore, with this new toll you can learn about how to target your audience as well as knowing what they want.

How to Use Facebook Insights - Facebook Targeting Options | Facebook Audience Insights
How to Use Facebook Insights – Facebook Targeting Options | Facebook Audience Insights

Furthermore, you can as well get full information on their purchase style, geography and even demographics. So, if you are into any business of any kind and want to increase and target your customers, then start using Facebook audience insights.

Likes on Facebook Insights

If you click ‘Like’ you will be able to see the demographics as well as the locations of your fans. You will also be able to see their age groups.

Reach – Facebook Fan Page

 It’s very interesting that you have a Facebook fan page, but how of your content is actually reaching your fans? Who is talking about your page? Are any of your fans referring your page to others or sharing your image with their friends?

This section aids you see your page views and unique visitors’ views (those who searched for you as opposed to clicking on the Facebook ad). You will also be able to see your reach in terms of organic searches, paid and viral searches.

Talk About – Users Engagement

Therefore, this section can also show valuable data about who is engaging and talking about your page. Also, it includes demographics and percentages of people in different age groups.

Particularly, the important thing to learn from this data is to understand how your content trends over time. More so, through this process, you may find that it takes some time for your content to “lift” and reach many people.

Check-Ins – Facebook Analytics

Basically, under the check-in section, you will be able to see the number of people who have checked in. Also, where they live, and whether they are male or female gender.

Check-in data are extremely valuable for businesses with a physical presence. From being able to measure the social media impact on the sale to monitoring your busiest days- definitely dig into this info.

  • Select Page Level Data and the MS Excel format opinion. Also, users can choose a date range for the data.
  • Once you are done downloading insights you will see never-ending columns of data which may at first seem overwhelming. Precisely, at the bottom, you will see various data sheets containing information such as key metrics, daily like sources, daily viral reach, etc.

Therefore, each column in the key metrics sheet provides users with different information. For example, if you scroll to the Lifetime Total Likes column users will be able to see how many their page received over the dates they specified.

Particularly, Time Daily Reach is useful as well and their users will be able to see the number of people their posts may have reached. Therefore, knowing how to use Facebook insights is also a great way to understand the flow of your audience using Facebook analytics.





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