Lane Sight – Stay Safe Using Lane Sight System | Distance Indicator


Cycling they say is everyone’s thing, weather you are a teenager or an adult we however use the road always. Therefore, this does not only apply to cyclist alone but to all road users. More so when using the road we need to observe some level of care to avoid been hit by a vehicle or a bike. However, this is why the lane sight system is produced to keep cyclist and drivers safe and on track.

Lane Sight - Stay Safe Using Lane Sight System | Distance Indicator

Furthermore, using the road can be often dangerous with either driving or cycling, with our mobile phones always in reach. Particularly, in one way or the other we can be easily distracted while reaching out to our phones. But with the lane sight system road users especially cyclist are safe and at alert simply with their mobile device. Furthermore, road users can now use this modern technology system to protect themselves when driving or cycling.

How the System Work – Lane Sight System for Cyclist

Basically, the system works with your mobile phone. Therefore, the user needs to install the system or app on their mobile device. After installing the system, then while using the road they need to place their phone in a front view position to see all alerts and indications.

The lane sight panel rear camera system scans the road behind you and dictates cars approaching your direction. Also, when the vehicle has pass by the sensor of will indicate the distance and position of the vehicle as well.

Furthermore, if a vehicle is moving too close to you the rear camera system sends a signal light to the driver. Also, it alerts the cyclist, if the driver keeps moving close the alert increases in frequency.

Therefore, this alert frequency will give the cyclist at safe point, making them move over from the coming vehicle. Also, if a vehicle comes too close to the cyclist the camera captures the vehicle on a video and sends it to your mobile phone.

Functions of the System

The lane sight system has some amazing functions that its users will appreciate. Therefore, these functions enable users to keep safe while using the road.

  • It dictates moving object (Vehicles) in front and back of the user.
  • The rear camera system captures videos of very close vehicles and sends the footage to your phone.
  • Flash out signal light to driver behind you.
  • Shows distance of vehicles in front and behind.
  • Alerts user of incoming vehicles.
  • Makes sure you are in a safe lane while cycling.

Finally, this system is very nice and helps keep cyclist safe on the road. Therefore, weather you are a sport cyclist or maybe cycling is your means of transportation or you are cycling for leisure, lane sight system got your back.


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