Microsoft New Shopping Tools On The Microsoft Edge Browser – Microsoft Shopping


Microsoft New Shopping Tools: Recently, Microsoft revealed a new Edge browser updates that is center on shopping alone. Basically, Edge will as well make it easy for you to automatically locate coupons for you. Furthermore, it will be expanding the price comparison feature too, this are in line to promote your business and shopping needs.

Microsoft New Shopping Tools On The Microsoft Edge Browser - Microsoft Shopping
Microsoft New Shopping Tools On The Microsoft Edge Browser – Microsoft Shopping

The business feature is also launching a new hub for shopping right in its search engine for Bing. Without a doubt, the timing of this shopping feature is perfect for this season. Although, it is not like Black Friday-style sales act but definitely it will sometime this year.

Microsoft Shopping

The real utilization of the tools for comparing pricing is very important. More so, in the Edge Collections, this mostly works fairly well. Therefore, in some cases the experience could be frustrating. This is because it just cannot pull any data from certain places for some save items.

For you to see the shopping feature, a badge will pop up just right in the URL bar section. Then the price comparison will be running in the background the time you are accessing the feature. Right there, if you can locate the best deal for yourself that will do the trick.

Microsoft New Shopping Tools

Precisely, Edge Canary this is a place where this is readily available now, you can say it was a reality to be. More so, when shopping on Amazon, this works extremely perfect, in as much it is just you as the object. However, it does not really have any issues with sizes, colors and choices you make.

Then for the coupon feature it not the perfect of cases. It works more exact and reliable. Furthermore, it tends to get information from most of the regular coupon sites like

  • Think Retails
  • MeNot and Slickdeals

What this does is to vividly display coupons around the web. Just as most coupons code only apply to a small amount of items. However, this may be a little bit of a waste of time while clicking on the badge.

This is the nifty feature from the development team where Bing will try to apply all the coupons it found at checkout. This is definitely a time and money-saver opportunity. Again this seems like an area of were they can improve on. However, with a form of collaboration with the Bing team in other fields.

The announcement has also been made by to introduce a new Edge URL. Now pasting the connection you copied from the address bar. Therefore, this automatically transforms the site title from a long URL address to a short hyperlink.

Furthermore, if you like the full URL, you can also use the text menu to convert it to plain letters that Microsoft reads. In some cases, I believe it make a lot of sense. Particularly, most of the time, I just need the connection and not with intruding of third-party in-between.


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