Microsoft Update – Search Windows Software Update | Windows 10 Update


Microsoft update, Microsoft is an American multinational company that deals with the manufacture, license and sales of computer software. As well as consumer electronics, personal computers and other basic computer relating services. However, it was found on the 4th of April, 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Microsoft Update - Search Windows Software Update | Windows 10 Update

Therefore, the company started by selling BASIC interpreters for Altair 8800. Later, it rose to prominence and overpowers the computer operating system. Therefore, this is on MS-DOS, before the advent of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft office which happens to be two of the most powerful service offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office – New Microsoft windows 10 Update

Microsoft office is an embodiment of client software and services developed by Microsoft. Office, which is available in over 102 countries  and offer a variety of professional suites such as Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook , Excel and OneNote, all of which have their relevance in the computer world today.

Microsoft latest update is being made available to all existing devices today. You can visit Microsoft Windows update to initiate the Microsoft update. The new Windows 10 Microsoft update comes with a lot of improved features that makes it more interesting both for working and gaming alike. Here’s a few of users favorite new addition.

Features of the New Microsoft Update – Microsoft Windows 10

Therefore, the Microsoft update comes with a lot of impressive features for users pleasure, unlike the previous versions. More so, we are going to be looking at some features below.

  1. Your Phone: This exciting feature enables users to send SMS from their PC, using their mobile phone. This feature is restricted to Android devices only but Microsoft says its working to make the Your phone feature available on iOS devices soon.
  2. Cloud Clipboard: This allows users to access a full history of their clipboard using the windows+v keyboard shortcut. Also, it will synchronize their data across all Windows 10 devices. Microsoft is also working to ensure they integrate this feature in the swift key. However, this is on a future plan basis. More so, that users can copy and paste data from their devices to Windows 10. This will even make this feature more desirable across multiple devices
  3. Dark theme for file explorer:Windows 10 had already included the dark mode feature for some time now, but with the new update, it is now extending to file explorer. More so, this is a reasonable change from the conventional white in file explorer. Which also suits the other dark themes for windows 10. This new look is certainly appreciable by the dark mode fans.
  4. Search previews: In this recent update, Microsoft introduces new search preview that appears in the start menu. When you start searching, your results will appear on the new preview pane. This feature is particularly useful for documented materials. Also, contents are now displaying in the preview of search results.
  5. Microsoft edge improvement:This new feature allows you to stop videos from auto playing sounds and manage the website better. Edge is also getting some articulate design improvement with more nice looking tabs and new effects.


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