MyWind – Wind App on Google Playstore | App Store


MyWind is a service offered by wind telecomunicazoni; an Italian telecom operator company. Therefore the company offers integrated fixed telephony, mobile and internet services. The company was founded in 1997 by Enel, an Italian electrical company. However, it was later sold to Wind Telecom S.p.a in 2006. Today, the company offers service to more than 20 million Italian customers.

MyWind - Wind App on Google Playstore | App Store

MyWind is the fastest way for you to manage your wind and infostrada lines. The new aggregate counter allow users see and manage the total number of minutes, calls and Giga details still available with just a simple tap. Therefore, you can also add what you need just by tapping +. The app is designed to give you the satisfaction you desire just at the tip of your fingers like other company’s like Vodafone etc.

Mywind App – Wind | Wind App Update

The widgets in the mywind app provide the app with classic display and gives you access to everything. Users can get the app on Google play store and the App store. Furthermore, users can easily check their line information, explore their offers. However, you can get quick access to the main features of MyWind.

Furthermore, there are different widgets that also come with the app update. Users can also, choose a widget form the previous versions. The app offers quite good number of features and qualities to its customers. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the important features of MyWind which makes it users favorite.

Features of Mywind App – Wind Mobile

With the app, users can have access to a lot of stuffs which will aid an excellent user experience. However, there are some features which we are going to outline below.

  • Have access to the “Enter Automatically “function when connected to the wind network without having to enter your credentials. You can sign up by creating your account or by signing up through Facebook. Therefore, this can be achieved with any network connection you prefer.
  • Users can view the details of their offer, add minutes, SMS or Giga. You can also choose to renew your offer in advance.
  • Consult and activate new offers to suit their choice.
  • Get to choose or select which Sims they wish to share their Giga with.
  • Manage and customize their fibra1000 lines.
  • Consult the information of their “telephone included “.
  • Purchase tickets for public transport from their cities of residence from their phone credit.
  • Activate the Auto-top-Up offer, by choosing from the time-based, threshold or renewal of the offer.
  • Get all the help they need by asking questions and seeking help from the virtual assistant as regards any issues for clarity.
  • Choose and save their preferred method of payments in cases of reloading their numbers or that of friends and loved one.  Credit card and PayPal are choices that are also very acceptable.

You can activate the notification settings on your device to keep you updated with new offers, promotions, news, games and competitions.


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