Netflix vs Amazon Prime and All to Know About Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos


Netflix vs Amazon Prime, lets try to evaluate Netflix and Amazon Prime videos to see which is better. Netflix is on of the paid video streaming platform that is available for all device users. This is for both

  • Internet televisions
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Tablets, and the internet.

Basically, Amazon prime is also a paid video streaming platform. However, its services is available on mobile devices, tablets, Amazon tablets, internet televisions, laptops, and their website.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime and All to Know About Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos
Netflix vs Amazon Prime and All to Know About Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos

Netflix is one of the video streaming services that online users do use worldwide.  More so, the service sponsors some of the best movies and series.  The platform buys the right to stream some of the most successful movies online.

Amazon prime is also a very popular movie streaming platform but users are mainly from America.  They as well sponsor movies also but not to the compare with Netflix which is also a streaming platform too.

How to Get Netflix Or Amazon Prime

Basically, you can get Netflix vs amazon prime easily, this is by simply going to the internet and opening their website. More so,  users can have access to the platform with the aid of an user account or a subscription to enjoy all the movies.

Although, there are other methods to have access to Netflix or amazon prime as well. Below are some of the steps to follow to get

  1. Users need to have a phone, users can download the application right from their app store.
  2. More so, using a tablet or laptop, you can as well download the app to use anywhere you are.
  3. You need to have an internet-accessible television set or in your device to aid connectivity.
These are some of the major things you need to get Amazon prime videos vs Netflix either for phones, computer or televisions system.

About Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Just like I said previously, Netflix is an online video viewing platform that offers a streaming services and movies download too. Also, you can get TV shows, TV series, and Netflix sponsor movies.

Amazon Prime premium movie viewing service allows its users to have access to viewing premium videos on the Amazon platform. These are some of the major features of Netflix vs amazon prime.
  • Netflix  grants its users access to over 4000+ movies and TV series as well, with a wide database of old and latest movies. Netflix users can as well enjoy viewing different movies on the platform, and these movies cut across all continents.  While on amazon prime users do get a less amount of movies and series to watch and users can as well find a huge amount of movies there too.
  • Netflix is purely a subscription base service that enables its users to have access to all its movies both new and old with just one single subscription.  But on amazon prime users are given the opportunity to rent and buy titles. Also, featuring some films and TV series that are new in the movies genre in the general selection.
  • Also, Netflix allows its users to view movies on the platform with just once subscription. This is one of the main reasons why people do choose  Netflix over Amazon prime videos because on Amazon they still have to pay to view latest movies after their original subscription fee. Therefore, this is one of the major advantages of Netflix.
Yes this is just some few tips you need to know that will help you make that major decision on movie viewing. Particularly, this idea depends on your choice and style as well. So sign up today and start enjoying HD movies all day long.


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