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Particularly, there is no augment that Facebook is one of the most used and interactive social media platforms in the world. More so, Facebook developers keep on making new Facebook updates from time to time. Facebook has come up with some top new Facebook Features but most users may not be aware of the recent changes or Facebook updates on the website.

New Facebook Features - Top New Facebook Features | Facebook Updates
New Facebook Features – Top New Facebook Features | Facebook Updates

However, these changes are very much interesting for users on the platform to explore. Basically, it does not really matter if you are using Facebook for personal or business-wise the top new features on Facebook is actually for you. Therefore, in this article, we are going to be showing you the new features on the Facebook platform.

Furthermore, on the Facebook messenger app users can get new heart emojis and care emojis which they can use in chatting. More so, there are various aspect of the platform that Facebook is trying to improve on like video chatting and advertising.

New Features on Facebook

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a unique feature for Facebook user to live stream themselves with the use of their smartphone or tablets. Also, users can now broadcast with Facebook Live from their Laptop and their desktop computer.

Furthermore, page admin has access to tag others as live contributors when conducting live streaming on their Facebook page. Also, you can add likes and comments on a live broadcast. Therefore, this function was not available on the Facebook live stream platform.

Facebook 360

Particularly, on March 8th, 2017 Facebook launch the 360 functions. Therefore, what it does for its users is that users can share nice 360 videos on Facebook. Furthermore, this feature is powered by the popular oculus technology in the Samsung Gear VR.

Basically, form the day this feature was launched users on Facebook have posted about one million videos and 25 million photos on Facebook. Users can as well share this type of videos and photos like the normal type of media files. Also, they can comment and like the videos and photos too.

How to Download the Latest Update of the Facebook 360 App

Therefore, to download the latest update feature of the Facebook 360 app for your Gear VR, simply follow these steps.

  • Open the Oculus app on your device.
  • Initiate the search for Facebook 360.
  • Click on the Get or Install caption to download to your device.

Other Facebook New Features

Facebook Messenger Day – Snapchat App Way

This feature was lunch in March of the previous year. However, it became a serious competitor to other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram stories. Furthermore, all the apps were using the same like function such as filters, stickers, smiley and post disappearing within 24 hours of posting.

Therefore, users can see this feature in the already Facebook Messenger app. However, it shows users about people that are active in your real-time live chat. More so this tool is recorded to boost sharing of thought on Facebook.

Users can share their thought about their next activities and as well as what they are doing presently. Also, this feature contains a lot of filters that Facebook users can use on their photos to impress their friends and crush on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the best thing that has to happen to publishers or people using Facebook Business Page for promotion. Therefore, you can use this feature to advertise your goods and services on the Facebook Platform.

However, will all know Facebook has more than one billion people active on the social platform.  This simply implies that when you use Facebook advertising features to advertise your products or services, almost a billion people can see your stuff.

Facebook Group Videos

Lastly, the Facebook group video chat feature is one nice feature for all Facebook Messenger users. Especially, when a user wants to stay fully connected with all their Facebook Friends. Also, you have the ability to add about 50 users to a Facebook group video chat at the same time.

Furthermore, the feature gives users access to add filters to keep their video chat lively. More so, there are a lot of functions users can use while using the Facebook group video chat feature.

These are the top new features on Facebook that users can enjoy, and it does not require any fee or subscription to use these features on Facebook.





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