OraSaifu – First All in One Smart Cold Wallet & Payment Hardware


OraSaifu is the newest breaking technology and the first of its kind in the human race. Particularly this device is produced to meet the needs of Asset Storage, Transactions and Recovery. People do have problems in solving issues relating to these above areas. However, making people sort for various ways to store their datas, files and as well make secure transactions without their account being hacked.

OraSaifu - First All in One Smart Cold Wallet & Payment Hardware

Furthermore, the problem of lost data and files still stand as a case to look into as many have lost important document and data due to one thing or the other. However with the OraSaifu all these issues is solve automatically. The device is a three in one solution technology to help people with

  • Asset Storage Problems
  • Secure Transaction Issues
  • Recovery Issues as well.

Basically, with the increasing problems of how people loss funds from hackers every year, it is best to have all your transactions and document save in a secure device. More so, a device having a standard security measures that can only be access by only the owner. Also, the device uses a (TEE) and (SE) technology to ensure a 100% security over your payments and assets storage.

Therefore, the company is specialized in payment security and digital assets with top developers. The company also believes that this is the future of a secure payment device. Furthermore, owners of the OraSaifu can do so much more than what they can imagine with a small device that have a simple and sleek design.

Functions of the OraSaifu

These device is packed with so many features and functions. Therefore, its functions makes it possible for its users to do a lot just with these one device. Below are functions and features of the device.

  1. Users can safely store all your cards.
  2. You can as well store your cryptocurrency on it.
  3. It allows storage of membership cards from even your local store around you.
  4. Furthermore, you can use the OraSaifu to pay for visually everything securely.
  5. You can even use the device to unlock your code encryption doors.
  6. Users can as well use it to exchange name cards with this amazing hardware.
  7. Make Peer to Peer transactions from your comfort zone for cryptocurrency users.
  8. Crypto users can use the BiPal chip to replace mnemonic words in a secure and reliable way.

Therefore, everything about this device is well organize and easily accessible form your finger tip just with a singer push.

Feature of the Hardware

  • The device uses NFC technology.
  • Also, it uses dynamic QR code technology system.
  • It erase your key information after five password failed attempts. Therefore, if it is stolen or it got lost no need to worry about your information because it cannot be access by hackers.
  • The OraSaifu has a 4inch retina sapphire display and also a screen to body ratio of 83.8%.
  • With a 45 step Polish multi-layer coating the hardware has a design that fit to the user palm.
  • Also, it uses BiPal. This is a one tap data recovery solution chipset using NFC.

OraSaifu with Cryptocurrency – Cold Wallet

Therefore, cryptocurrency users can do more with this device. However, having the advantage of using it as a cold wallet. This means it has successfully abolish the old traditional of cold wallet users using the USB cable transfer system. The OraSaifu is the first all in one smart cold wallet device.

Therefore, the BiPal, which is a NFC backup chip for Crypto users and other users as well, can recover all your data with just one tap. Furthermore, they can use it to replace mnemonic words securely. Also, this makes your wallet to have an artistic stylish look.


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