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Pandora radio is a service which allows users to stream music and has an automating music recommendation system. This is powered by the Music Genome Project. Pandora Radio plays a collection of music from the genre chosen by the user; it is basically a personalized radio that’ll play you all the music that you love.

Pandora Radio -Listen to Free Music | Pandora App |


On Pandora app, radio users can give feedback on a certain song. Going down memory lane, Pandora Radio was created by Pandora Inc. Furthermore, it was in the year 2000, a year later the company ran out of money.  The Founder Tim Western convinced about 50 employees to work in the company without earning their salaries.

By 2013, the original 40-hour listening limitation was made to allow users have continuous access to their free mobile listening. As at November 2014, Pandora’s music library already have up to over 1.5 million songs and over 77.9 million active users. to know more about Pandora radio, users can visit the website

Features of Pandora Radio ǀ What Users enjoy about Pandora Radio

There are three main features that users are always enjoys, whenever they visit the Pandora Radio on their devices. These features include Streaming, Limitations, Pandora availability for mobile devices.

  • Availability to mobile devices; Pandora radio is available to iPhone, Android OS (tablet and mobile phones) and the Blackberry 10… On iPhone, the original skip limits are available and it also supports ads. For windows phone users, the app is only open to some number of windows users. Therefore Windows users might experience glitches when using the application. For Blackberry devices that have OS of 7.1 and lower, Pandora only has access to certain brands like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile amongst many others.
  • Streaming; Streaming on Pandora Radio is quite easy, first, you set your station by choosing a specific song or the artist. Furthermore, users can use other user’s stations or create their own stations depending on their music interest. When playing a track, you can respond to the track by giving it a “thumbs up or a thumbs down”. If you choose thumbs down for a particular artist, the artist will have some restrictions from the station. This can be undone if you “thumb up” the artist on another occasion.
  • Limitations; Pandora Radio servers are only available to the United States, New Zealand’s and Australia. Though some users down the years have been able to access the Pandora servers from other countries as well. But there is an IP address to block users from accessing the service from non-complying countries. Users with free account were once not having access to unlimited streaming unless they pay for the service.

What Users enjoy about Pandora Radio – Pandora App

While listening to songs on Pandora, users have the opportunity to buy the songs. Furthermore, they can even buy the albums from an online retailer. In August 2016, Pandora announces to the public that it would be offering a new streaming service. Also, users can download the Pandora app on the Google play store.

This service is consisting of a free tier of $10 per month plan. Also, users can opt for a low-cost tier with “mid-level” features.  There was the adding of some other features like options for replays and offline listening, as new features to users in September 2016.

Finally, Pandora is a very good application for online listening to music. It allows you to create your own station or use that of other users. One major limitation about Pandora is that it is not available to other Countries other than the one mention above. But more plans are on to improve that aspect of the radio application.


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