Talking about users personal privacy, we at take this very vital to our operations in content delivery. However, this page contains all the information in respect to

  • All information we take on
  • Process we use in collecting information from our users.
  • Also, what exactly we use the information to do.
  • Furthermore, process how we handle users security information we take.
  • privacy policy update.

All Information We Take on

Specifically, the information we take form our users on is highly personal identification content. More so, the info’s we take form users is a demographic data, mobile number and email address.

Process We Use in Collecting Information From Our Users

Here we get information from users but on the basis of them willingly giving it to us. More so, thi is done via third- party source. Therefore, below are the means we use in collecting such information form users.

  • sign up process option
  • Also, with third-party means.
  • Contact us option on

More so, with the signing in option users do provide us with their email on their social account, email address, and mobile number on their own will. Also, users can as well contact us on and drop their information too.

More so, we do get information from our users with the third-party websites option if you do not drop your information. Therefore, this info do contain web address and some other data to us on the know about our users.

Process How we Handle Users Security Information

Basically, the security on is something we take very seriously. Hence ensuring that all our users information is safe and secure. Also, the security standard slides through  a host of other sections like spam, unauthorize accessibility of unknown users and other malicious threats. More so, we do dispose of users information if they are not useful anymore or on users request. Privacy Policy Updates Standard

Precisely, other update and privacy policy of is sorely on this website. However, it will continue to render its service until a visible update will kick in. More so, if there are any other incoming updates on policy or security users will be aware. Thanks from