Reddit Investing – Reddit Coins and Benefits of the New Reddit Premium


Gilding, or spending coins on others, is a big part of Reddit and users should factor into their marketing strategies. Therefore Reddit investing users need to know how to use Reddit coins for marketing on the platform. Below are some of the ways to use Reddit Coins:

Reddit Investing - Reddit Coins and Benefits of the New Reddit Premium
Reddit Investing – Reddit Coins and Benefits of the New Reddit Premium
  • Basically, you should give awards to Reddit users who submit your content and get a lot of engagement. Therefore, this will show them that your content is worth submitting again. Also, they will clearly have the ability for their submissions to get visibility and traction.
  • More so, other Reddit users who participate in your campaign should be given an Award. Whether they provide content that other users generate or not or answering questions. Also, if they help to provide feedback as well. Therefore, this shows your appreciation pointing out the fact that you really understand the Reddit community.
  • Furthermore, give Awards to moderators from Subreddit you want to participate and submit to. Therefore when they see it they will recognize you and be a little friendlier with their moderation of your submissions.
  • Also, give Platinum Awards through a contest. Basically, this will drive more exposure to your Reddit profile. Announce the Winners on your profile, encouraging people to follow to see the announcements.
  • Give Platinum Awards and directly connect with your critics. Therefore, in this way you can resolve and smooth any issues, they may have with your brand on the Reddit community.

To be successful on Reddit, a site that roughly half the US population visits monthly, is to really become a part of the community and Reddit Coins is a great start in doing just that.

Reddit Coins

Reddit Coins is one outstanding brand new virtual currency that enables you to reward users. (This is also known as Gilding) for submitting a quality reddit post and comments they make as well. Therefore, these coins are three which are

  • Reddit Gold
  • Reddit Silver
  • Platinum

Benefits of the New Reddit Premium – Reddit Investing

  1. Users will experience Reddit with no ads.
  2. Users will receive 1,000 Reddit Coins upon first becoming a member, then 700 Reddit Coins each month you are a member thereafter.
  3. Access the Premium member only Subreddit; /r/lounge.
  4. Premium Badge on the user’s profile page.

The New Reddit Premium 

Half of the Reddit users, who bought Reddit Gold in the past, did so for themselves. Basically is for them to be able to experience Reddit without ads. Also, is for them to have access to the extra features, and to help support Reddit Reddit content marketing overall.

Therefore, that element of Reddit Gold was reformed and lunch as Reddit Premium in 2017. However, this costs $3.99 per month for legacy members and increase to $5.99 a month for all new members.

Particularly, I sincerely encourage Reddit users on this platform to get engaged in the Reddit Platform. Therefore, this will help them more to know how to use Reddit coins for marketing. Also, it will boost their profile and engagement as well.


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