Samsung Mobile – List of Latest Samsung Mobile Phones | Samsung Galaxy s10


The Samsung mobile smartphones over the years have change mobile consumers idea about mobile devices. This is to say the Samsung mobile phone company is very active in delivery superb mobile smartphones. It not quite long Samsung unveil their next generation flagship smartphone device Galaxy s10.

Also, the note 9 is one amazing flagship device from Samsung when it will be released in the market. This is sighted to be released by August end this year 2018. Talking about the galaxy s10 is one device with a lot of speculations that the company has promised to excite their customers.

Samsung Mobile - The Samsung New Phone Galaxy s10 | Samsung Smartphone

Also, the galaxy s10+ phablet has been rumored to be a very high-class smartphone device. Furthermore, the phone is been prescribed to pack a five camera feature. The five cameras will also be enabling to with a triple-lens camera at the rear of the device. The camera quality also includes:

  • Telephoto sensors which users can make use of optical zoom as well as background blur effects.
  • It has a standard wide range sensor.
  • A super wide angle sensor that has an amazing 120-degree angle view.
  • The front camera will have a wide angle sensor which users can make use of on portrait mode selfie.

These are some of the features that will come with the power pack device. In the year 2018 the Samsung smartphone, some of the phone on the market doesn’t seem to strike a balance. Because they are alike phones in the market just like the Galaxy s9 and Galaxy s9+.

Samsung Mobile Price on Samsung Phones – Galaxy s10

All Samsung phones have a different mobile price and they vary with the model spec. Most of the phones from the Samsung mobile company come at very good prices. Different models of phones carry a different price tag. This is as a result of the spec and quality they are built with while producing them.

Samsung has manufactured various devices for their customers. In other, for them to purchase their favorite product at an affordable price. Like the new Galaxy s10, the price will definitely be on the high side because of the high spec built in it.

Samsung New Smartphones

The Samsung new mobile smartphone is very powerful in terms of their performance. Like will said in the above part of this article about the galaxy s10. Therefore, there are various smartphones from the Samsung mobile company in the market now.

Samsung Mobile - List of Latest Samsung Mobile Phones | Samsung Galaxy s10
Samsung Mobile – List of Latest Samsung Mobile Phones | Samsung Galaxy s10

Also, most of them have not released yet, this means they are still under production process. Furthermore, the Samsung smartphones have an excellent function, great display quality and as well as having a beautiful body masterpiece.

List of Latest Samsung Mobile Phones

Some of Samsung new phone in the market now and some of the coming soon device release.

  • Samsung Galaxy s20 and s20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Galaxy s11
  • Galaxy s10 and s10+
  • Galaxy s9 and s9+
  • Galaxy s8
  • Galaxy s7.

Then there is also the elegant

  • Samsung Galaxy A8.
  • Galaxy A7, A5, A3 and as well the A9.
  • Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Ultra.
  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Samsung s10e
  • Samsung a50

Therefore, this is just a few mentions, there are a lot of them not mention in this article. More so, if a user wants to find out more about new Samsung mobile phones they should visit the Samsung mobile website to find new Samsung devices.


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