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StumbleUpon is a unique AD paying system. Therefore, it is a form of web search engine platform that discovers the advertisement. Furthermore, it discovers and also recommends the content of interest to its users. Also, the platform has a lot of features. More so, which is for its users to discover and rate web pages, videos, and photos.

StumbleUpon App - Online Business Traffic | StumbleUpon Advertising on Mix

Furthermore, this is a personalized process whereby only users of a particular peer group can actually see these ads. Therefore, all these are possible by the StumbleUpon platform.

Basically, this is by using what they call social networking, peer-sourcing, and lastly advertising system. Particularly, in June 2018 the StumbleUpon app service was shut down for some reasons but later came back on as

Brief History about StumbleUpon with Regards to Mix

As we have said before, the platform is a website ranking and discovering platform. Also, it is available in the English language. Furthermore, the headquarter of the company is in San Francisco, California United States.

The founders of the nice social platform are Geoff Smith and Garrett Camp. They both grew the website to Alexa world ranking of about 14,049 siting it as of April 2019. Particularly, the first launching of the platform was in November 2001.

StumbleUpon App

Therefore, the StumbleUpon app toolbar versions are existing for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Also, the company worked with some independent browsers like Mozilla.

However, the native mobile StumbleUpon application exists for windows, Android device, iOS, and the Amazon Appstore.

Precisely, on 30th of June 2018, StumbleUpon was shutdown to again spring up as another social platform Mix.

StumbleUpon Advertising – Paid Discovery Ad System

Particularly as we have said before this platform is built as an Ad payment system. Therefore it allows its users to surf the internet. More so, stumbling to different websites that fit their interest. Furthermore, users can achieve this by just hitting a button on their browser or mobile device.

Particularly, with this paid discovery system an advertiser automatically becomes part of the stream. Whether it is your website link, photo, video it will display as an Ad.

Basically, when an advertiser inserts his or her website page inside the user experience, up to 5% of stumbles are set out for paid discovery. Therefore, this simply implies that the audience falls straight into their website pages, photos or videos.

However, the user does not need to create their own Ad. Since the discovery system directs visitors specifically to your page. This is actually a wonderful experience I must say.

More so, the system makes the user entire website page an advertisement. Also, users still have the opportunity to provide feedback on contents by giving a thumb up or thumbs down.

Therefore, by successful completion of an Ad displaying on a page, a green icon will appear at the toolbar area. This can also, show in a mobile app that is donating a paid stumble.

More About StumbleUpon Advertising – StumbleUpon App

Although StumbleUpon does not deliver different types of Ad format e.g. banners, interstitials, pop up and so on. But their main idea is reaching a vast amount of people with your Ad.

Furthermore, there are other options for advertisers to look into in terms of how fast can their content reach the audience. Also, how many users they can reach with their content. More so, this is one of the main goals of a person running an online business.

Particularly, all this depends on the marketing objective of the advertiser. Another thing a user will consider is its serving priority. Therefore, this actually means the order by which an advertiser page is arraign for placement.

Online Business Traffic – Mix

Basically, if you are running an online business and you are not on Mix (StumbleUpon), then you are missing out greatly. Especially, the business which requires getting the audience to see your stuff.

Specifically, in the fourth quarter of 2013, a social media traffic report says this platform overrides YouTube. Also, Google, Reddit, and LinkedIn all combine.

Basically, this is in terms of publisher traffic. However, over 100,000 publishers in over the world use its advertising. Also, the content distribution platform to promote their business, products, and services.

Therefore, judging from that information this platform is very nice for online business owners. More so, they can use it in regards to improving their business. Also, a quick tip is the Google Ad, which is now the highest serving Ad unit in the world.

How to Get the Mix App – Register on StumbleUpon

Therefore, to get the Mix app and access the registration process is very easy. The only thing you need to do is to first make you have an internet connection.

  • Go to your Google play store on your device.
  • Then type in the name of the app (Mix) on the search bar.
  • Download and install the application to your device
  • Lunch and register your details on the platform to sign up.

Note: You can as well visit the website of the platform i.e. to access the sign-up or registration process.


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