Tmall – China Marketplace, Ecommerce Platform | Tmall App


Tmall is an online marketplace is a specific Chinese language web store for consumers and formerly known as Taobao mall. Therefore, it is a platform for business to consumers on the online retail store where the Chinese can purchase anything from food items to even soccer boots.

Tmall - China Marketplace, Ecommerce Platform | Tmall App

Particularly, the shopping system in China, operated by Alibaba is quite different one from that of the United States. Basically, their major goal is to connect international business, marketplace and ecommerce site and sell goods brand name and consumer needs.

However, Tmall app reflects some features that attest to this fact. Basically, this platform is a virtual shopping mall in the words of the managing director of global strategy and operations of the Alibaba group

Moreover, Taoboa Tmall is a market place for only trusted products and brands within the demands of Chinese consumers. Another online market place in China is Taobao. This is a platform where practically anybody can sign up for an account and sell any type of commodity they want. The case, however, is different with Tmall. Before you sell any product on the platform, you have to be accepted as a product wholesaler or brand.

Benefits of Using Tmall Store

Tmall store is a trust worthy household name even for the average Chinese citizens. Therefore using the platform to sell your product could instantly boost you as a brand. Also, it creates a level of trust and security with potential buyers. There are different approaches to achieve this, either by setting up your own store or signing up as a retailer.

Therefore, setting up your own store requires you to do more work upfront. More so, it puts you basically in charge of the whole management and experience. This method is best suited for people who have operations within China. Also, it good for business owners, who want to be shipping products into the country.

On the other hand, when you sign up as a retailer, you would still be able to sell your products under your brand. But basically you won’t have a storefront of your own products to maintain. However you’ll sell your products under a Tmall store. Which implies you will be responsible for services like logistics, marketing and consumer services.

Tmall Alibaba

Furthermore, you can also employ Tmall international partners like Alibaba to help you with everything from trade rules to translation. The process of finding these partners could take some time. However if you eventually find a company that you think is best fit for your business, they can help you create a flawless transition into the Chinese market.

More so, Tmall hk also offers some unique marketing qualities like news feed and live streaming.  This is similar to that of Facebook, which creates a sort of interactive environment for people to chat. Also, shop and check news feed from different brands on a regular basis.

Products to sell on Tmall Online

Technically, you can sell virtually anything on this shopping platform as long as it is from a trusted source. Also, it will be on demand with the Chinese shoppers. Basically, there are a few products that are by definition, more popular than others. Some of these products include:

  • Apparels, footwear and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Beverages
  • Mom and baby
  • Beauty and Skincare
  • Personal care.

However, there are tons of products that fit into these categories. More so, if your line of business fits in or you have a product that is highly on demand in China, you may just want to take advantage of the opportunities on Tmall website.


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