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The UO Smart Beam box is a portable mini laser projector device that can enhance your viewing pleasure using your mobile Phone. However, this device is just a 4.5cm cube device that can project grand and spectacular screen images.

UO Smart Beam - Portable Mini Laser Projector | Bingdroid.com

Particularly, most mobile phone users wish to view their media content in a bigger screen dimension. Hence, wanting something that can provide such function. Therefore, the UO Smart Beam cube box is a personal projector device.  More so, you can purchase this device on Amazon.

Furthermore, this device meets the needs of any projection of content from your mobile device. Also, it is very easy to use. Therefore, it automatically traces a video content from your mobile phone and projects images on the screen through the lens in front.  

Basically, users just have to pluck and connect the cable to the device and push the power button to use this device. The device has a unique attractive design. Also, its body is has a metallic like coating that can prevent it from falls and a lens at the front.


  • Height: 4.5cm
  • Depth: 4.5cm
  • Width: 4.5cm
  • Weight: 129g

Wow!! This is really an amazing personal projector device, considering the specifications it actually speaks of a high technology.

Features of the UO Smart Beam Cube Box

This projector device comes with various forms of features that users can enjoy and as well explore. Therefore, let’s check out some mind blowing features of this device below.

  1. The device has an amazing 35 ANSI LUMENS bright light.
  2. Also, it possesses a DLP projector for a standard color representation.
  3. The device also, has a 2 hours battery life.
  4. Another feature of this device is that the screen view can expand up to 100inch. Therefore viewers can get a wider view of images and so on. However, this depends on the distance that is comfortable to the user.
  5. You can as well project images easily on your wall or ceiling as you wish without an additional support with the device.
  6.  Users can view their favorite apps like YouTube, Opera Browsers, Facebook, TV apps, WhatsApp, Media content via their mobile phone.

Therefore, this is a great way to view content on your phone like, Movies, Games, TV, Books, Surfing the internet and educational content for your Kids.

Furthermore, you can experience multimedia content in your smart phone with the UO Smart Beam. This device will sure make your smart imagination into a reality.


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