VideoMix – Download VideoMix 2.7.8 Android | YouTube Video Mix


VideoMix is an application for smartphones to stream thousands of TV shows right from the comfort of your home. The contents on Video Mix software is organized in categories and it becomes extremely easy to find the movies that you like.

VideoMix - Download VideoMix 2.7.8 Android | YouTube Video Mix
VideoMix – Download VideoMix 2.7.8 Android | YouTube Video Mix

Furthermore, if you have been looking for an application to stream TV shows or movies for free on your smartphone, then VideoMix for iPhone might just be the application for you. There is a built-in search feature that you can take advantage of when finding movies, you like.

All the videos on this platform are hosted on external servers like,,,,,,,,, zalaa. com,,,,,,,,, etc.


Since the contents on VideoMix for PC are all hosted on external servers, how do you stream these movies. Well, the answer is very simple. You just have to find the movie or TV series you want to watch and click on the link. Select a video player from your device and voila, you and start streaming the movies on your device.

Every content on this amazing application contains additional information. You could also visit the IMDB page to view the ratings and all. If you are the type of person that like reading the reviews of movies before watching them, then this app is great for you.

Features of VideoMix

Since Video Mix is a movie streaming app like VideoMix Netflix and the rest, why do people still like it? well, there are some features that are specially built for this app and those are some of the reasons why people still love the app. Here are some of the features.

  • Free high-quality videos.
  • High quality media sound.
  • Streaming is done from external servers.
  • Unlimited movies and TV series are available.
  • Streaming speed is fast.
  • A well-organized user interface.
  • Quick search feature.

These are some of the features you can find while you are using the YouTube VideoMix platform. Therefore, while on the media platform you can watch out for this feature to access them.

Download VideoMix

Basically, Downloading this amazing application on your device is very easy but where do you download it from?  Since this app is not available on the google play store, it can be downloaded from their official website. Follow the steps below to download free Video Mix 2.7.8 android application from their official website.

  • Launch any web browser on your device.
  • Hit the address bar and proceed to
  • The website that would be opened is the android download page for VideoMix. You can scroll through to find some amazing features and screenshot of the app.
  • Furthermore, scroll to find the download link and click on it.

Select a location for the file to save on your device and it would begin downloading. After downloading, all you have to do is launch the app and start enjoying all its features.


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