Wall Air Conditioning Unit – How to Clean Your Window Air Conditioner


For you to have a wall window air conditioning unit is a life-saver. Especially, during the hottest months of the year. Basically, the heavy-duty usage can really affect the performance of your wall air conditioning unit. Therefore, in the line to keep your window air conditioner in a good and perfect working shape. It is very nice to clean it on a regular basis.

Wall Air Conditioning Unit – How to Clean Your Window Air Conditioner
Wall Air Conditioning Unit – How to Clean Your Window Air Conditioner

Wall Air Conditioning Unit

More so, by keeping your wall air conditioning unit clean always, you will prevent it from mold and mildew from growing inside. Particularly, this will make your appliance to last more longer. Basically, if you maintain your window AC unit very well it will tend to consumes less energy than a dirty one.

However, for you as a first timer, cleaning a window AC will seem to be stressful if you have not done it before. Furthermore, the process is not too tedious as some may presume it to be. Therefore, with the easy tips below will guide you on how to keep your AC unit clean, and functional, and energy-efficient as well.

Get Your Cleaning Materials

You will as well need some few items from around to achieve the success of your wall air conditioning unit cleaning. Before you start the process, grab the following materials:

  • Warm water
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • On-usable piece of cloth
  • Drip tray to place beneath your unit
  • Spray bottle filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Fin comb or soft-bristle brush
  • Compressed air
  • A screwdriver

Therefore, if you do not have all these you can easy get them from a nearby shop close to yo

Clean the Filters

For you to begin cleaning the filter inside your window AC unit, open the front cover. This is one of the most essential cleanup you need to do in other to keep your AC working smoothly.

Particularly, it is a good idea to first wash off the filters on a monthly basis. Basically, even if you cannot clean the entire appliance. Below is how to do it.

  1. Firstly, do ensure your air conditioner is not connected to any power source whatsoever.
  2. Then take off the front panel and remove the filter.
  3. Furthermore, if there is dust all over it, use a vacuum to remove away as much dirt’s as you can see.
  4. Afterwards, you can then wash your AC filter with warm, as well as soapy water and set it out to dry.
  5. Then have a little patient until every part is dried off before putting it back into your wall window AC unit.

Also, it is very nice if you can replace your room air conditioner filter on a regular basis. Particularly, the real match do depends on how often you do use your AC. Also, environmental factors can contribute as well. However, can make a calendar schedule of about six weeks to six months time period to clean up the mini split AC unit.

Wipe Down the Grill and Exterior

Therefore, drying up your filters, you can then wash the grill component with warm water and little mild detergent. Better still if washing is not good for you, you can as well use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

However, ensure that you clean it very well in between the gaps line where air comes out. After you are through with those activity, dry it up very well before reattaching it back to the AC unit.

However, once you are done cleaning the grill unit,  then wipe down the top and the sides of the air conditioner too. Make sure to clean off the tight corners to get a better result. Therefore, do not run the unit if it is still not fully dried.

Cleaning off the Fins and coils on Your Air Conditioning Unit

On this section you will have to roll up your sleeves and be ready to do some work out on your wall AC unit. More so, it is not always necessary to dust the fins and coils any time you clean your air conditioner. However,  most AC professionals recommend users to do this clean up quarterly or semi-annually.

  • Furthermore, ensure you take a thin comb or soft-bristle brush to gently remove the aluminum fins inside your AC unit.
  • Therefore, do not rush off during this process because the fins can bend easily. This can be likely sharp which can harm you.
  • If you take notice of some bent fins, you have to softly take them back into place.
  • Next, ensure that you spray the can of condensed air which is inside the unit to clean off the coils.

Particularly, you have to be patient as possible to remove any dirt’s that will be preventing your appliance from operating smoothly.

Clean Off the Unit Tray and Drain

After finishing the interior cleaning of your window AC unit by emptying the drip tray and clearing the drain. Therefore, to take away dirty water from your tray, just take a vacuum dryer (if you have one) or a cloth and start damming out the dirty water that is accumulated inside.

Furthermore, you can put back the component back when it is fully dried. Finally, you will need to access the drain to see if anything is blocking its free flow. Then use the dry cloth to clean all the opening parts and ensure there is a clear pathway for water to freely flow out of your unit.

Reassemble & Spray the AC Cleaner on Your Unit

After the cleaning and drying up process, it’s now time to reassemble your wall window AC unit and give it a final spray. This is to prevent mildew from springing up inside the unit.

Therefore, implement your hydrogen peroxide spray bottle and apply the solution to the parts where air flows in and out of the unit. Then you will have to be patient for the peroxide to dry up before you can use your appliance.

Finally your done! Not only will you breathe in a cleaner and cooler air, but you will as well extend the life span of your air conditioner as too.

The Final Wall AC Unit Clean Up Tips

Adding to your schedule clean up, there are some other steps and tips you need to know and can take to keep your air conditioner in good working shape.

  • For instance, in winter period you can remove it from your window and store it inside. Then when winter is over you can install it back again.
  • Furthermore, if it seems looks the work is to hard for you to carry out, then you can as well hire a professional to clean the window air conditioner for you.
  • Therefore, you can ask your friends and family for referrals of a professional or check with reputable Air conditioning service providers in your area.

More so, either you decide to bring in an expert or clean the unit yourself, just make sure to stick to a periodic cleaning schedule. In a minimum schedule, clean your filter monthly and spray your unit with hydrogen peroxide to always eliminate mildew.


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