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WhatsApp is a social media platform that connects its users with instant messages, voice call, and even video calls. Whatsapp business is a part of WhatsApp that users can use to improve their businesses and promote their sales activities. It is an android app is built with the mind of enhancing small business owners. Also, the app is free to download to its users. Users can use the business app to interact with their customers easily by using some features like automate, sort and also responding to messages quickly.

WhatsApp Business - Features | Download on Google Play

The app has a very easy to download and also users can explore the app in a very simple way. There are so many features users can explore the app to enhance users experience. In this present day, business has become the bedrock of any country economy.

This is the reason WhatsApp has made the app feature to improve users businesses through online process. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to develop their business and even promote business ideas through the app.

Some WhatsApp Business Features

There are some features WhatsApp have put into the WhatsApp business app to make its users enjoy using the app to enhance their business.

  • Business Profile: If a user wants to improve its business to make it visible to its customers, they have to use this feature. This feature helps the user to create a business profile which will hold the user information such as user address, mobile number, business description and even the user email.
  • Smart Business Tool: This WhatsApp business app comes with an instant QUICK REPLIES features. The tool allows users to use or reuse messages that the user frequently sent. This helps the user to rapidly answer its customer questions.
  • Whatsapp Web: With this feature, users have the opportunity to use their desktop or laptop to access the whatsapp business app. Users can access this process by following the setup web setting on their WhatsApp app.
  • Messaging Statistics: This messaging statistic feature helps the WhatsApp business app to be able to review simple metrics behind sent messages.

Whatsapp Business App Download

Downloading the business app does not really require a lot of processes. The user only needs to follow some few procedures to achieve the process.

  1. The user should have a working internet connection on their device.
  2. Go to the Google play store app tap on it.
  3. Type in the search word WhatsApp business on the search space and click on the arrow caption to search.
  4. After seeing the results tap on the app and scroll down to the download caption.
  5. When the user is through with the download process they should install the app on their device.

After the user has completed all these processes they can then access the business app on their Android device or windows phone. Also, you can use Whatsapp business iPhone app on your Apple mobile phone as well. Furthermore, not forgetting your PC system, the Whatsapp business for PC is a active one and works perfectly in any PC system.


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