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For those who are yet to be aware, Windmobile has now been bought by Shaw Communications. However, it then undergoes a re-branding process as Freedom mobile. Therefore, it is the 4th largest wireless carrier in Canada. Shaw communications are investing massively in Freedom Mobile and its services. More so, this is to add value to their customers. Also, a matter of time before they match wits with the big 3.

WindMobile - Make Calls, Text, Use LTE Data Services | Freedom Mobile

Shaw officially bought Windmobile on the 1st day of March 2016 and was later labeled and flagged as Freedom mobile in November 2016. Therefore, the launch of Freedom’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) service in that same month has been a hot subject matter, since its birth in 2016. Freedom mobile has acquired many clients and has been promoting a variety of special offers to add more value to all its customers across the country.

Windmobile Freedom Mobile coverage

When it comes to network coverage with Freedom mobile, they categorize their network as either home network, variable network or away network.

  • The home network accesses the Freedom LTE network within your plan.
  • The variable network either accesses the home Freedom network or an Away partner network. Bear in mind that if you are accessing an Away partner network, there will be roaming charges of $0.15 per minute for calls, $0.05 for texts and $0.05 per MB.
  • The Away plan simply means you will always be using a partner network, which means you will have to adhere to roaming charges of $0.15 per minute for calls, $0.05 for texts and $0.05 per MB.
  • Freedom mobile reception

The network reception is pretty good if you are within city centers. More so, this allows the super speed network rate. Also, the 4G LTE service seems to be working very well in the city centers too. In December 2017, Freedom mobile started working effectively in all Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subways. This progress cut across some tunnel coverage, including the new line 1 extension platforms.

Freedom Mobile LTE

Freedom mobile is also up and running in the tunnel on the Yonge line between Bloor Street and King street. Also, around the new Downsview park station all the way up north to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station.

The 4G LTE network still needs work outside the city centres. Although, the company addressed the issue and assured customers that they are working diligently to expand all networks. This includes the LTE service outside the city centers.

  • Freedom mobile LTE service

Freedom mobile LTE service has obviously come a long way compared to when they first began as Windmobile. Furthermore, the LTE coverage is now well set up anywhere they offer their service, which is a very good step. Particularly, freedom mobile and the parent company have been putting every effort into developing the network and increasing the coverage.

  • Freedom Windmobile plans

Freedom Windmobile basically offers three different plans which are Data+talk plans, Data only plans and Home plans. These mobile plans are very cheap with loads of data accompanied by any package they prefer. However, it’s probably best for you if you are staying in the cities of Canada.


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