Yahoo Shopping – Buy and Sell on Yahoo Online Store


We live in a world where technology is the bedrock of most aspect of your lives. Therefore this is to say majorly every aspect of your lives and activities is circled online. However, Yahoo shopping which involves buying and selling of products and services is mostly done online.

Yahoo Shopping - Buy and Sell on Yahoo Online Store

Therefore this is one reason yahoo shopping is available for a stress-free experience. Yahoo shopping platform is where you can get whatever you want at ease.

Furthermore, Yahoo shopping simply means shopping online. It is a platform for everyone to ease their shopping difficulties. Also, you can advertise and promote your business on the shopping platform.

Yahoo Business – Promote Your Business

Basically, Yahoo is a well-known internet email platform worldwide. Therefore this is a huge advantage to any Yahoo user. Their businesses can be easily seen by a large number of people.

Therefore if you are a business owner or you are thinking of starting one. Then Yahoo shopping platform is for you. Yahoo also has a business platform for business.

Yahoo small business platform is were you can as well promote your business. Now let us talk about the Yahoo online store and how to sell on the yahoo store platform.

How to Sell on Yahoo Shopping – Yahoo Small Business

Two major activities done in the Yahoo shopping platform is buying and selling. Therefore, I am going to alight the process you can follow to achieve selling.

  1. The users most create or have a good website for his or her business. Therefore, Aabaco is a good platform that helps you sell on Yahoo store.
  2. Post on your website the products you want to sell.
  3. You are eligible to share your goods and services for your audience to see.
  4. You can as well include other features to increase your standard.
  5. Then finally, you monitor your progress.

Categories of Yahoo Online Shop – Yahoo Shopping | Yahoo Store

Therefore if your interest is to buy on the Yahoo store and not to create a Yahoo small business platform. Then, the categories list will be of help to you. However, the Yahoo shop has so many categories to shop from. Furthermore, you can shop by store or brand.

  1. Toys: On the toys section users can find toys such as robotic radio control toys, vehicle toys. Building set, dolls, toy guns, and puppets.
  2. Video Games: However, in this section, you will find video games consoles. Video games accessories, gaming discs and so on.
  3. Appliances: There are appliances like coffee makers, electric kettles. Electric rice cookers, and electric toasters. Also, there are garment steamers, can openers and many more.
  4. Musical Instruments and Accessories: Drums, keyboards, strings instruments. Trumpets and all kinds of air instruments. Also, microphones, electric cords, speaker’s musical lightings and so on.
  5. Musical Disc: Jazz, hip pop, R&B, blues, countryside. Rock n roll, gospel jams and so on.

Other Categories you can find in Yahoo Shopping – Yahoo Advertising

  1. Clothing: Underwear’s, shoes, warmer clothes. Handbags & luggage, active wears, and casual wears. Also, you can find dinner wears, and as well protective wears.
  2. DVD & Video Disc: Comedy, drama, western, action, thrillers, musicals. Also, documentary, sci-fi, historical DVDs and so on.
  3. Books and Magazines: literature books, animal. Native books, conflicts, sports, and games. Also, military books, reference books, arts, finance books.
  4. Office Supplies: Office furniture, typewrites, calendars, paper holders. Also, office basics, binders, accessories, and school supplies.
  5. Jewelry: Necklace & pendants, wristwatches, and pins. Brooches, noise rings, all types of rings etc.
  6. Electronics: Television set, remote controls, DVD & mp3 players. Also, camera, scanners, radar detector.
  7. Pet Supplies: They have dog, fish, bird supplies etc.

More Yahoo Store Categories – Online Shop

  1. Gifts and Flowers: Party supplies, collectibles, stationery, chocolates, flowers and more.
  2. Mature: Herbal sex enhancer, sex toys, condoms, lubricants. Also, adult movies, video erotic arts, and sex books.
  3. Automotive: Motorcycle & parts, automotive parts, automotive repair tools etc.
  4. Home & Garden: Tables, chairs, and other furniture’s. Electrical supplies, outdoor furniture. Also, cleaning supplies, fireplace, kitchen tool and garden tools.
  5. Health and Beauty Supplies: Massagers, trimmers, sharing Appliances. Vision care, hair care, lab supply equipment. Also, there are medical orthopedic supplies and more.
  6. Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear: Bowling equipment, boats, footballs, and soccer equipment. Also, softball, and baseball. Basketball equipment, track & field equipment, swimming. As well as table tennis, snowboards, cycling equipment and so on.

Note: Yahoo also helps its business owners create and place advertising materials for their products. Therefore, I believe this is one thing every business owner desires.  


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